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Everyone who enters this contest will get the chance to win an entire Seven Summits Trader system for LIFE, no strings attached. It's beyond simple. All you need is 30 seconds and a Facebook account (so do it now before you forget).
Oct. 10, 2010 - PRLog -- Mark Soberman, The Seven Summits Trader: Cat's outta the bag! In case you missed it this morning,we announced the Seven Summits Facebook Contest! Everyone who enters this contest will get the chance to win an entire Seven Summits Trader system for LIFE, no strings attached. It's beyond simple. All you need is 30 seconds and a Facebook account (so do it now before you forget). Here's what you do:

1. Click here to visit the SST Facebook page...

2. Click the 'Like' button

3. Register for either Launch Webinars on Tuesday:

4. Attend live on Tuesday to hear your name called.

Literally, that's it.But for those with a more 'competitive nature' (aka: people like me), if you want to increase your chance of winning, just answer the Bonus Contest Question located on the SST Facebook page for an automatic 2nd entry. Winner must be present to claim the grand prize! And don't think you can outsmart the system, because once I call your name you *must* respond (them's the rules).

But the good thing is, you can attend either webinar so don't wait - get your Facebook contest entry in NOW and we'll see you in the Release Webinar!

Ok. So, you've seen the results, you've watched the lived demo, you've heard from real owners... now all that's left is the big release! Hey, Mark here - I hope you're having a great weekend. I just wanted to send a quick note to share that I'm releasing my most powerful and effective system ever, The Seven Summits Trader (SST) trading system... and you've got to be there to see it all unfold live and in-person.

By now you should have seen the types of regular results our SST owners are pulling in... +129 EURUSD pips here, $1,900 on Crude Oil there and it really adds up! Not to mention I'm redefining the way people system trade with industry-leading software, 'so easy your Grandma can learn it' rule set and non-stop support by real active day traders.

So clear your schedule for Oct. 12th because I'm giving you all the details about the SST strategy including a full system tour, a laundry list of super cool 'stuff' you're getting and don't forget, giving away TONS of bonuses and giveaways available *just* to my live webinar guests.

I'm also conducting a full Q&A on the system so if you've got questions, bring 'em all and prepare to grill us... and see if the Seven Summits Trader can handle the heat! Plan for a highly entertaining, highly educational webinar - even if you're happy with what you're currently using to trade, just come for the trading tips and advice from my 20+ year trading professionals. Either way, get your logins right now for the webinar of your choice: Oh yea, I'm also revealing the winner of the Seven Summits Facebook Contest so if you did enter, make sure you attend one of the Full-Out Release webinars live to claim your prize. Good luck!

While I have you here, I just wanted to address a number of questions I've been receiving about the Seven Summits Trader. I realize you're probably bombarded with emails every day but for me, since the SST is my 'baby', it's so important to clear up any questions or misconceptions you might have. So I'm going to break down what I think makes the SST special and what makes it wholly different from anything you've ever seen before. Yep, it's a big claim but I'd only make a statement like that if I were dead certain I could back it up :) Here we go...

- Awesome SST Feature #1: Multiple Markets & Time Frames.

- What does this *really* mean for you?

You're going to save money knowing that this system to last from year to year to year and beyond. The reality is, markets get white-hot... and then they burn out. Investing in the SST means that when one market expires (and believe me, they all will eventually), you still have dozens of other highly-lucrative markets to choose from. I have traders who still currently trade my very first system, released 7 years ago. Think they recoup'ed their investment? Yep, and that's the idea.

Not only that, but PEOPLE change just as much as markets. People (like you and me) get bored! They get new jobs! They have families and re-align priorities. Just because you love day trading the Forex right now doesn't mean you won't want to suddenly start swing
trading futures in a year or two. The Seven Summits Trader, with its ability to trade multiple markets & time frames encourages you to grow into your life and create a new schedule if you need it.

- Awesome SST Feature #2: Crystal-Clear Rules

- What does this *really* mean for you?

You're going to learn faster than you ever thought possible. When you have clear-cut instructions that not only tell you WHERE to go but also WHY you're going there, your comprehension increases exponentially. Suddenly, the system becomes logical! It's like learning how to ride a bike... why do you push your right foot down? To propel your left foot up. Why do you then push your left food down? To propel your right foot up. You understand why it works so the activity gets easier and easier... and the rest is really just a matter of practice.

With the Seven Summits Trader, you're never going to wonder why you're doing something because it's not a so-called 'blackbox' system. Every entry, every exit is spelled out in straightforward English (no confusing jargon) so you know exactly where you're getting and getting out even before you take the trade.

Not bad, right? I'll be sending you a few more in the next day or so but for now, just remember to mark your calendar for Tuesday, Oct. 12th at either 12pm Noon or 6pm Eastern and get your logins in advance right here:

# # #

Mr. Ahmad Hassam has done Masters from Harvard University. He is interested in day trading stocks and currencies!

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