Tickle Lipo™ is now available in Florida at the office of Dr. Daniel Man.

New Liposuction Technique Allows Patients to be Awake and Giggling During the Procedure.
Dr. Daniel Man
Dr. Daniel Man
Oct. 8, 2010 - PRLog -- Boca Raton, FL - A new state-of-the-art liposuction procedure dubbed Tickle Lipo that is performed while patients are awake and under local anesthesia is now available for the first time in Florida.

Because patients are awake during the procedure they can actually help the doctor by turning over. Tickle Lipo™ is named for its “tickling” sensation, which causes patients to laugh or chuckle during the procedure.

“I am very pleased to be the first physician in Florida to offer this new technique which allows patients to be awake during liposuction,” said Dr. Daniel Man, board certified Boca Raton Plastic Surgeon (http://www.drman.com).  “I am finding that Tickle Lipo is superior to other liposuction techniques thanks to its special vibrating cannula which cuts down on surgery time. There is no heat, minimal bruising and minimal downtime. It offers patients better results, faster, and safer. Patients are very excited about this new procedure.”
How It Works: Tickle Lipo uses a specially designed cannula that produces a unique vibration referred to as “nutational motion.” This is what produces the sensation many patients report as “tickling.”

Tickle Lipo differs from other methods of tumescent liposuction because the cannula is activated by air pressure, causing a whirling movement, infrasound and vibration referred to as “nutational” motion. This patented technique provides faster infiltration of the tumescent solution – 25% faster than other liposuction technology, shortening the length of the procedure.

The nutational vibration of the cannula also interferes with the brain’s pain receptors in the same way that scratching relieves an itch. A selection of specialized cannulas used in the Tickle Lipo technique allows the physician to better maneuver through fibrous or harder to reach areas of fat, enabling precise body contouring. Tickle Lipo is FDA approved for fat removal and body sculpting.

“The ease of maneuvering the special cannula allows me to do high definition body sculpting in much less time. It is more effective and safer, removing deeper fat, as well as superficial fat lying just under the skin with ease,” he explains.

1)   Local anesthesia – Patients are AWAKE because it is done under local anesthesia.
2)   No heat damage – Unlike other Liposuction techniques that utilize the heat of laser or ultrasound energy, the surgical cannula used in Tickle Lipo stays cool, eliminating the risk of heat injury to tissue.
3)   More precise/Better results – Because of its ease of movement, Tickle Lipo is more precise. It can be used to safely and more effectively remove deeper fat pockets, as well as superficial fat providing and "high-definition" sculpting.
4)   Faster results – performed in a fraction of the time of traditional liposuction,  it produces minimal to no bruising and swelling.
5)   Minimal downtime – patients recover faster.
6)   Fat harvesting - The physician can also harvest the patient’s fat, which is removed during liposuction for use as a long- lasting natural facial filler instead of using synthetic injectables.  

About Dr. Man:
Dr. Man is a pioneer in state-of-the-art lipoplasty techniques.  He has published extensively in medical journals and performed FDA clinical trials and IRB studies for leading medical companies in the U.S. and abroad.

Dr. Man is the inventor of The Vertical Bed™ and Body Glue™.  In addition to Tickle Lipo, Dr. Man offers non-surgical alternatives that can be used in combination with Tickle Lipo. He performs a wide range of other cosmetic procedures for the face and body including: face and neck lifts; liquid lifts using the latest injectable fillers; eyelid surgery; nose surgery; breast augmentations; and male breast reduction using liposuction. He is the author of several popular guidebooks to plastic surgery including: “The Art of Man: Faces of Plastic Surgery” and “Man At Work: A Photographic Book of Plastic Surgery and Art.”  

A noted author, educator and artist, Dr. Man is the recipient of numerous public service awards: He was honored by U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder who awarded Dr. Man the National Crime Victims Rights Week Service (NCVRW) Award in 2009 for pro bono service to victims of domestic abuse; He was also named “Humanitarian of the Year” by Palm Beach County Victims Services; and “Physician Hero” Finalist by the Palm Beach County Medical Society. In recognition of his humanitarian contributions, The City of Boca Raton named June 26, 2001 “Dr. Man Day.”

Dr. Man’s office is located at 851 Meadows Road, Suite 222, Boca Raton, directly across from Boca Raton Community Hospital. Phone 561-395-5508. Visit Dr. Man online at http::/www.drman.com.

About Tickle Lipo
For more information on Tickle Lipo™ visit www.ticklelipo.com
TICKLE LIPO, also known as Nutational Infrasonic Liposculpture (N.I.L), is a liposuction and fat harvesting process that utilizes the Nutational Infrasonic Liposculpture system (N.I.L.) and is FDA approved for fat removal and body sculpting. Medical Alliance Services distributes the Tickle Lipo system in the United States.

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