Waste Not Want Not — Sustainable Farming Meets Sustainable, Biodegradable Shipping for first time

A new partnership sets the standard for an environmentally responsible cold chain package. The gourmet food products inside and insulated packaging itself are eco-friendly and created with sustainable practices.
Oct. 6, 2010 - PRLog -- FLINT, MICH. — Top chefs comb the countryside, if not the world, in their quest to find the finest ingredients for their culinary artistry.  With that same passion, Valley Game & Gourmet searched for over two years to find a sustainable packaging material worthy of insulating the heartland-raised, premium meat products it delivers to such demanding chefs.

“We want to do a good day’s work, have fun, and put good food on the table in a responsible way,” says Valley Game & Gourmet - http://www.valleygame.com/  “Our clients understand the value of and respect the whole food chain - the whole process.  They’re very forward thinking.”  

The missing link in that chain has always been insulated packaging that utilizes bio-renewable resources and offers an environmentally responsible disposal option. Key to this mission was an insulating material that assimilates back into nature after its use.  

In the end their search led them to Green Cell Foam® http://www.greencellfoam.com/ a surprising solution with its origins in America’s familiar cornfields,  and a company just as passionate about eco-friendly shipping solutions, Landaal Packaging Systems - http://landaal.com/

Thinking Inside the Box

Landaal’s Green Cell Foam® is an alternative insulating material produced from little more than 100% US-grown corn, contains no petrochemicals, and has several responsible disposal methods, including composting.

University studies show that production of Green Cell Foam® has up to an 80% reduction in greenhouse gases and a 70% decrease in energy requirements from polystyrene.  Legacy materials such as polystyrene and polypropylene have a lifetime of hundreds, if not several thousand years in a landfill, not to mention being derived from non-renewable fossil fuels.

In the relatively young market of sustainable, eco-friendly shipping coolers, Landaal Packaging Systems’ Green Cell Foam® is one of the longest-used, most-tested and effective biodegradable cold chain shipping materials on the market today.  Green Cell Foam® has passed or exceeded rigorous testing benchmarks set by the pharmaceutical industry for its refrigerated shipping needs, where temperature control is critical to the chemical integrity of medical substances and human safety.

Green Cell Foam® also adds the benefits of greater shock absorption and the ability to wick away excess condensation.

A Perfect Match

Lending passionate support to the crafting of original American cuisine, Valley Game & Gourmet delivers to a client base that supports sustainable and holistic farming methods.  These establishments in turn look to satisfy their own dining patrons with environmentally responsible food practices.  This shift to the most eco-friendly shipping containers is applauded by professionals like Chef Adam of RM Seafood at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas, who announces they’re “all for it!”

“Landaal’s mission is to be the leader in sustainable packaging,” says Terry Choate, Sales and Operations Planning Manager for Landaal Packaging, but he’s also well aware that in today’s marketplace being green isn’t enough.  “We must be competitively green as well” he says.  And for companies like Valley Game & Gourmet, who hold themselves accountable for environmentally responsible solutions in day-to-day operations, Green Cell Foam® is a strong step forward.

Corporate Citizenship and The Long Run

Valley Game & Gourmet is proud to count itself among an enthusiastic and growing number of companies acting to satisfy their environmental conscience while doing what they do best.  Green Cell Foam® helps Valley Game stay the course in its environmental philosophy and remain at the level of play it has always been known for.  “We need to.  It’s who we are, and it’s important,” states Valley Game & Gourmet. “It’s important for us to protect the healthy, sustainable environment in which this livestock is raised.  Hopefully this completes a cycle that will continue for generations to come.”

Landaal Packaging Systems is a valuable resource for progressive-minded companies looking to shrink their carbon footprint, or simply to rethink their packaging materials and shipping practices. Check out this video for more information: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H_2FTlNLlyc   

Landaal Packaging Systems
Since 1959, Landaal Packaging Systems has helped customers solve their packaging challenges with innovative ideas, uncompromising product quality and on-time delivery.  They offer a host of value added services designed to make their clients’ jobs easier and more cost-effective.

As a community-minded and family-owned business, Landaal Packaging Systems stands commited to its tradition of consistent, reliable, and forward-thinking customer service.

Landaal Packaging Systems
Flint Packaging Division, 3256 B Iron St., Burton, MI 48529

Valley Game & Gourmet is a liaison in the U.S. between artisan farms and fine restaurants.  
The farms and restaurants are valued for their ethical and responsible practices.

Valley Game & Gourmet
P.O. Box 581214, Salt Lake City, UT  84158

For more information, contact Terry Choate, Sales and Operations Planning Manager, Landaal Packaging Systems — 810-223-0605

Green Cell Foam® is a registered trademark of KTM Industries, Inc. http://www.greencellfoam.com/

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Since 1959, Landaal Packaging System has helped customers solve their packaging problems with innovative ideas, a creative design team, product quality and on-time delivery. Our focus is now on eco-friendly and sustainable shipping products.
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