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Business Networking and Collaboration in Newcastle – Tyneside, ipnconnect are the Network group who Can Help Your Business Grow and Become More Successful within the Newcastle area, Please Do Look in On Us and Check Out Our Fantastic System.
Oct. 2, 2010 - PRLog -- Business Networking Newcastle Upon Tyne. Where Collaboration Is the Name Of The Game. Networking in Newcastle and Tyneside. The New Age Networking. Collaboration and Networking Here in Newcastle with ipnconnect

Business Networking and Collaboration in Newcastle – Tyneside, ipnconnect are the Network group who Can Help Your Business Grow and Become More Successful within the Newcastle area, Please Do Look in On Us and Check Out Our Fantastic System.

Face To Face Networking:

Through a combination of face to face and on line interaction ipnconnect enables organisations to communicate and collaborate within a business model that produces stunning results.

Membership is by invitation only and subject to a ongoing quality assessment.

On Line Networking & Collaborating:

On Line Interaction can be done after or before the initial meeting here you can get that little bit more, and if that be via  webinars so be it.


Though tenders that are kept in house, this is new and will be the talk of the Town.
Ipnconnect promotes an ethos of quality and openness with an emphasis on giving whether this is through Regular Networking Events around the North East or informal evening meals for those too busy to attend during the day.

• Our register of skills and services highlights to fellow members not only your core business skills and what you can offer them or their customers but also other skill sets you can offer to ensure that members know where to turn when they are looking for a service.

• ipnconnect also have a member to member offers service so you can promote your best offers to fellow members, we really believe in collaboration and the business mastermind
For further information or details contact Paul Lawton on 0191 256 6235 for more information on Networking Events within ipnconnect.

The Project Set Up is where Members of ipnconnect work together on projects needing their particular area of expertise, supported by the ipnconnect Collaboration Menu
Ipnconnect Newcastle in the North east of England and are a fantastic business development community that provides a framework for organisations to collaborate both at Networking Events and Online, the events are updated on the main web site:

The Modern Way To Network
A Networking Group for the Future
Ipnconnect Your Business Networking and Collaboration Group is right here in Newcastle, and will cover all Business Networking in the Tyneside region.

Our Saying is Come and Network - And Get Work

Ipnconnect Giving You a New way to Interact and Collaborate, Ipnconnect Want You to make the most of your business networking here in Newcastle and  around Tyneside
Our Promise to our members is simple to guarantee them access to –
•Quality business contacts
•Increased business opportunities
•And an unique series of collaborative mechanisms, which will help you to take your business to a completely new level

Collaboration at its Best

We are your New age Collaboration Networking group that’s set up here in Newcastle
We want the best for you and your business - We want you to get business

Ipnconnect is the membership organisation where you collaborate with other businesses to grow your business, increase revenues and boost profits, utilising our dedicated business platform and it is that genuine collaboration that makes us so different.

If you have any questions relating to ipnconnect or if you would like more information on how we can help you help your business through collaboration please call us on 0191 256 6235 Alternatively you can find our address details below.

ipnconnect, 1st Floor, DCS House, Silverbirch, Mylord Crescent, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE12 5UJ

Office: 0191 256 6235
Paul:    07775 538 108

Call Us and Ask any Questions

Entrepreneurial Evening Meal

It is an informal evening beginning at 18:30 with dinner being served at 19.00.
• Join ipnconnect members in a relaxed   environment
• Meet the key entrepreneurial guests of   ipnconnect
• Ideal way to introduce ‘busy’ potential   members to ipnconnect

For more information on the next Entreprenuerial Evening please contact one of team on 0191 2566235 or register now by looking at our upcoming networking  events

Better Business in 59 Minutes

At the heart of ipnconnect’s activity is the opportunity to meet and get to know professionals with specialisms that are complementary to your own.  

By making those contacts and learning about the work of other members, you will raise the profile of your own skills in a business-focussed, quality-led network – and identify new business opportunities as a result.

What can you expect from the 3 Weekly meetings at ipnconnect?

• Quality guest speakers
• Innovative interaction sessions
• An opportunity to engage with the main   ipnconnect member group in your area
• Stay updated on forthcoming ipnconnect   Collaboration Menu’ events

ipnconnect offer true networking in the North East with Networking Events in Tyne and Wear and Teesside

Local Business Meetings and Events

Within the membership organisation there is events all over the north east, Newcastle is booming and the events are well worth a look on, do come and meet us, and many other businesses people from your local area we know you won’t be disappointed.

Meet the Professionals

• The bi-monthly regional showcase of ipnconnect members’ products and services
• ipnconnect corporate and ipnconnect members exhibit their products and services to guest    businesses and the media
• This regional event is hosted and supported by ipnconnect Member Services to ensure the quality    is kept high
• This sought after event has a specific limit on numbers who can exhibit .

Here’s what one of our  exhibitors thought of the event:

“This was an excellent event and introduced me to new business that I would not have obtained if I not been a member of ipnconnect. Your saying is beginning to ring true; “I network to get work””  
Ipnconnect can offer the following;
• 6 month Trial Membership
• Access to large corporations through our corporate members
• 7 Ways to Network and Interact, view our upcoming Business events.

Ipnconnect offers Regular Networking meetings in Newcastle (Tyne and Wear) and Sedgefield (Tees Valley).  It also offers true Business Networking and Informal business collaboration online and a variety of times to Network in the North East.

View  the ipnconnect Menu to find out more information about How to get more business from Networking and working in collaboration.

To speak to a member of the ipnconnect team call us now on 0191 256 6235
ipnconnect offer true networking in the North East with Networking Events in Tyne and Wear and Teesside

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Tees Valley Teesside Business Networking were Collaboration is the name of the game and its is here to help your local business grow and become more successful face to face and on line interaction enables a business model that produces stunning results
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