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If you don't yet know what Spiffy is all about or what we can do for your website I will share some of the most recent issues that I've worked on and how we got our clients back on track.
By: Joe Bortner
Oct. 1, 2010 - PRLog -- The Spiffy Web Team has been able to do some awesome work with businesses over the last month for free.  The work we have done includes helping with failed DotNetNuke upgrade, getting skin or modules to look correct in different browsers, shriking or clearing room on databases, and many more.  For first time users, Spiffy offers the first 20 minutes of support for FREE with no further obligation!  What do you get with your first 20 minutes? You get the entire Spiffy Team comprised of experienced designers, developers and Internet marketers backed by a technology company with over 10 years of web experience at your disposal.  

Design and Skin Development

Great design is important in the world of the internet.  Too many times people get caught up in making the site WORK great and forgetting the key element of great design.  Professional design not only makes your site/company look professional, competent, and trustworthy, it also enhances the user's visit to your website through ease of use, intuitive navigation and good organization.  Good web design isn't solely visual, if a site is designed and constructed well, it enhances search engine optimization!  The Spiffy Team has a group of experienced and talented designers that work along side you and the developers to produce something you can be proud of.  Here are just some of the basic we can help you with...

■ Website design
■ Skin creation
■ Usability and Navigation
■ Graphics creation
■ Photo manipulation and retouching

Custom Web Development

Ok, so design is important, but what's a great looking website that DOESN'T DO ANYTHING?  It's a brochure. The web isn't supposed to be a brochure, it's an interactive medium and if you're site doesn't do anything you might be missing the boat.  There's a world of things that our team of programmers can do. Enrich the user's experience on your website, create interactive and dynamic content that will make your site work for you and your company. The world is your oyster and we're ready to shuck it with you.

■ Custom DotNetNuke module development
■ Spiffy DNN module customization (check out our modules here)
■ Custom .NET application development
■ Existing code update, debugging and troubleshooting
■ Project planning and speccing

Site Configuration, Management & Hosting

DotNetNuke is a great content management system that's easy to use, flexible and extensible, but sometimes it can be tricky to get it up and running the way you want it.  We can help whether your site is one of our servers or somewhere else.  We have been hosting .Net websites for 10 years.  

■ Hosting
■ Site setup and configuration
■ DotNetNuke upgrades
■ Backup and security plans
■ SQL Database management

Web Marketing and SEO

You have great design, your website works well, but when the voice in the cornfield said "If you build it, they will come" he wasn't talking about a website!  You have to market yourself properly and get your search engine ranking up.  There's a lot of factors that go into it including a properly constructed skin, well organized and relevant content, a social media elements and more.  The list goes on and on.  We can help!

■ Search Engine Optimization
■ Email collection and Mailing campaigns
■ Help with content organization
■ Proper CSS and skin development
■ Social Media
■ Google ad words and other online marketing

General Web Troubleshooting

Got questions? Your site broken?  You got halfway though development and got stuck?  Problems upgrading DotNetNuke to a new version?

Maybe you get shafted because the web developer you were working with disappeared into thin air?  It happens.  Not everything that that we do here is a full blown web project.  Sometimes you just need a helping hand here and there.  We can do that.  Just give us a call or email and we can help you out!

Visit www.spiffywebteam.com for more detail on how Spiffy can help you!

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The Spiffy Web Team is made up of experienced designers, developers and Internet marketers. We strongly believe that each individual part of website development is invaluable, but no one aspect can stand on its own.

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