Ex DOE energy expert Dr. Robert Hirsch will unveil new findings at Peak Oil Conference

Ralph Nader, Dr. James Schlesinger, Bianca Jagger and Dr. Hirsch among keynote speakers in Washington DC conference. Hirsch findings a follow up to infamous 2005 report. Dr. James Schlesinger views report as "an important book"
Oct. 5, 2010 - PRLog -- Five years after writing his infamous first U.S.  report for the Department of Energy on peak oil, Dr. Robert Hirsch will present the findings of his newly released report “The Impending World Energy Mess: What It Is And What It Means To YOU!” in a keynote speech at the 2010 Peak Oil Conference in Washington, DC, on Friday, Oct. 8th. This is the first public presentation of his updated report.

Dr. Hirsch, along with co-authors Dr. Roger H. Bezdek & Mr. Robert M. Wendling, believe that peak oil production actually occurred six years ago, in 2004, and now forecast that a severe decline in oil production could come as quickly as in the next two to five-years.

Some of the team's findings include:

•In the next five years, world oil production will begin to decline — which means less and less oil available each year. The result will be annually deepening worldwide economic damage.
•There will be no quick fixes. Even crash program mitigation will take more than a decade to impact.
•Societal priorities will change dramatically. Compromises will be required. Years of energy hopes and fantasy will have to yield to pragmatism.
•Oil and energy issues are complicated. Dr Hirsch and his team have written this new report because they say that people need to understand the situation in order to make intelligent choices for themselves.
•“To be forewarned is to be forearmed.” With over a hundred years of combined experience in energy and economics, the authors claim that they are providing the straight story, including realities that others have been reluctant to discuss.

Dr. Hirsch is moderating a panel “The Link between Energy and the Economy” at 4:30 pm on Friday, Oct. 8th and delivering his keynote address “The Impending World Energy Mess - What it is and What it Means to You” at 7 pm that evening.

Evaluating alternative energy solutions
The new report provides a balanced discussion of the strengths and weaknesses of a number of electric power production technologies, and in particular, the inherent weaknesses in solar and renewable technologies.

The report also features an introduction by Dr James Schlesinger  former Secretary of Energy, Secretary of State and CIA Director,, who states the importance of Hirsch's new findings, calling it “an important book”.   Dr. Schlesinger is providing a keynote address “The Peak Oil Debate is Over” at the 2010 Peak Oil Conference, also on Friday, Oct. 8th.

Dr. Hirsch has been continuing his analysis of maximum world oil production and its mitigation for the past five years. His background includes 15 years in the oil industry including as Vice President of Exploratory Research at Exxon. -- He has been involved in upstream, midstream and downstream, research and research management in industry, government and the non-profit sectors.  

The Impending World Energy Mess: What It Is And It Means To YOU! by Dr. Robert L. Hirsch, is released by Canadian publisher Apogee Prime this week and includes the team's latest five years of research into the decline of World Oil production.

ASPO-USA 2010 Peak Oil Conference - http://www.aspo-usa.com/worldoil2010/

Apogee Prime - http://www.apogeeprime.com/prime/bookpages/9781926837116....

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