RISCCON Launches: Business SWOT Team – Expert, Tactical, Precision & On Demand

A Business SWOT Team! That is the answer that RISCCON and founder Brian Chiorello, a veteran professional investigator, have identified as the solution. RISCCON and the new Business SWOT Team is a unique and twisted approach to business models.
Sept. 29, 2010 - PRLog -- RISCCON Launches:  Business SWOT Team – Expert, Tactical, Precision & On Demand

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Hamilton, NJ (9-29-2010)
There are over 223 million websites on the internet and that number continues to grow.  Billions of dollars of revenue are generated each year and there are millions of brick and mortar business located throughout the country and around the world.  There are more business slated to open this year due to the economic crisis and the increasing unemployment rates.  Competing for a piece of that pie isn’t easy and millions of entrepreneurs and business owners lose out every year.  

How does an entrepreneur compete?  What is needed to survive and succeed?

A Business SWOT Team!  That is the answer that RISCCON and founder Brian Chiorello, a veteran professional investigator, have identified as the solution.  RISCCON and the new Business SWOT Team is a unique and twisted approach to traditional and modern business models. Brian attributes the success of the company to high quality service and a unique individual product line.  He says, “RISCCON fills a void in business research and information, as an experienced investigator, I have collected hundreds of resources over the years that allow RISCCON to quickly gain access to critical information.”

The RISCCON SWOT Team is designed to utilize its expertise, tactical knowledge, precision research and On Demand service for its clients whenever necessary.  In order to compete in today’s fast paced ever changing market, businesses need Facts, Information and key Knowledge to make critical decisions.  RISCCON’s SWOT Team gives that opportunity back to the entrepreneur.  The SWOT Team is made up of experts from specific industries that can offer insight and expertise.  RISCCON’s SWOT is dedicated to providing answers, finding solutions and thinking outside the box to give entrepreneurs a competitive advantage.  Get more info today at http://www.risccon.com

What is SWOT?
SWOT is an acronym standing for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats when involved in a business.  It can specify the objective of the business and factors that are favorable or unfavorable in achieving that objective.  Identifying SWOT for business is vital as the subsequent steps in planning the businesses success may directly be derived from the SWOT findings.  Upon receiving the SWOT analysis a business owner may realize that an objective is NOT obtainable or adaptive measures should be taken.

RISCCON is the leader in Business Research and Market Data, RISCCON has immediate access to over 1500 Business Industry Reports.  A RISCCON Industry Report provides a comprehensive look into understanding the entire industry including market size, competitors, forecasting, local demographics and trending. Feel free to take a look at a sample Industry Report ( http://risccon.com/LEVEL%20II%20SAMPLE%20REPORT%20-%20Dem... ) .  This information is vital when creating a business plan, buying or growing a business or even making decisions in a distressed business.

Are Industry Reports & Research Necessary?
Industry reports are very useful and cost effective.  Don't fall under the statistic that nearly 90% of businesses do, Failure!  Insurance, Capital, Marketing, Websites, Products and Services are all necessary to operate a successful business, Research & Industry Reports can save you thousands of dollars and countless hours.  YES, it is necessary.

Every day business brokers, finance professionals, management consultants, entrepreneurs and small business owners obtain these reports as they have a desire to make their business a success. For pennies compared to what the startup costs are on a business, get an Industry Report today. http://risccon.com/research.php

Why become a RISCCON Client?
Simple, The RISCCON SWOT Team, RISCCON becomes an outsourced provider for businesses, keeping costs at a minimum while RISCCON has a staff waiting for action for any sized project. The goal is to provide research, information and factual business data that is cost effective. This information gives vital knowledge when it’s needed the most to make critical business decisions with ease. RISCCON research saves its client's time, money and most importantly allows entrepreneur’s to stay focused on what matters the most, Business!

It’s time to have the RISCCON SWOT Team on your side.  Gain access to over 1500 Industry Reports, Demographics, Thousands of Independent Resources and Hands on Approach like none other.  It’s SWOT Time.

RISCCON is a leader in business research and the acquisition of data.  No other company combines the balance of professional investigations with information and intelligence as it relates to everyday business activities.  Obtain complete and comprehensive reports that give clear insight to the industry and market.  Proper business research and information increases overall business performance, success and efficiency.  Geared towards assisting early entrepreneurs, startups and growing organizations, for more information visit http://www.risccon.com.

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RISCCON combines 15 years of professional investigative experience and resources and delivers it into the world of business, focusing on early entrepreneurs, startups and growing companies. RISCCON provides vital business information & Intelligence.

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