Bishop Eddie Long Scandal similar to Shannon Bellamy case

The Bishop Eddie Long scandal is looking very similar in behavior patterns to the fiasco at Sharon Baptist Church. Shannon Bellamy, author of ‘Pimps in the Pulpit’ has all the recipes, as the New Birth Missionary Baptist Church.
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Sept. 28, 2010 - PRLog -- Bishop Eddie Long is the reigning spiritual teacher at his mega church in Atlanta, Georgia. For years he has been an influential face in the church world. Meeting George Bush, the former president of the United States. With a reputation for being a Christian man who lived his life as a preacher for God, this story is taking on large amounts of media coverage. The similar preacher behavior is very unsettling with the Shannon Bellamy case. Shannon Bellamy, who was a member of the mega church in Philadelphia, was put into a difficult, upsetting, unprofessional relationship with her own pastor. Pastor Glenn Caines is the man who preached weekly at Sharon Baptist Church for several years. After a short time of Shannon’s attendance at the mega-church the pastor started a relationship with Shannon during a sad, depressing time of her life. The story is always the same her, Pastor Glenn Caines, took mind control over Shannon and began to take advantage of her sexually, emotionally and financially. Glenn Caines was a married pastor who’s’ wife rarely attended service and was not active in the church. Shannon Bellamy was being counseled by him, and after strategically getting into her mind he began an unprofessional relationship. The part of concern was that the relationship was even brought to the head Bishop attention at the church, and he also wiped it under the mat without dealing with it. The Shannon Bellamy case took world spread news before the Eddie Long scandal and what many would think would be a wake up call in the church world was an introduction for other pastors and bishops to crawl out the wood work with this dirty behavior. The stranger part of the Eddie Long situation is that the bishop was having sexual relationships with several male church members he manipulated into sexual acts. The Bishop was offering the boy’s money, cars, and clothes for his heinous behavior that later left to them going out into the open. When will it be enough in the religious world we live in today? After several trials and tribulations time will tell what the truth is with Bishop Eddie Long who is currently receiving a million web hits a day. Shannon Bellamy wrote a book to tell of her tragic story ‘Pimps in the Pulpit’, which is being noted as a message to all women and men that this behavior is wrong, it can be fixed, and you can have to courage to stop it. Shannon Bellamy has been from city to city, aired on the Michael Baisden show, Jonsey in the Morning show, and interviewed on several radios nationwide. With her being brave and open of her situation it has led to woman all around being abused by pastors, lawyers, and doctors to take a stand. Her book is now also going to the theater January 2011. The stage play ‘Pimps in the Pulpit’, will be a true epic event of the real story of the scandal that goes on in many churches in the 21st century. Please media, interviews and speaking engagements contact Ms. Bellamy at or 201-759-8561.

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