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If you are considering removing your genital hair, whether a man or a woman there are a few things that you may want to consider.
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Sept. 25, 2010 - PRLog -- If you are considering removing your genital hair, whether a man or a woman there are a few things that you may want to consider. Firstly, you will need to decide if you want to shave it all off or if you just want a trim or 'haircut'.

How far you want to go, is a matter of personal choice but there are a few things that you will need to consider before you embark on your hair removal adventure. Let's assume that you want to go for the clean look. There are a few options open to you. Your first option is to use the waxing method.

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The Waxing Method

Although this method can be quite painful at times, it does leave a smooth stubble free result. Other advantages with genital waxing are that you can do it yourself at home and it is a cheap reliable method that will be relatively long lasting.

Of course waxing has its disadvantages as well. The main drawbacks are that it may affect re-growth. It has been reported that continual waxing may affect the strength and sometimes color of re-grown hair. Also, the most obvious disadvantage with genital waxing is that it can be painful. Just how painful depends on who is doing the procedure and what your pain threshold is. It is advisable to seek professional help from a beauty therapist or salon for at least the first few waxes until you understand what is involved and how to do it.

Another option for total hair removal is by shaving instead.

Genital Shaving

This also has its pros and cons. The most obvious advantage of shaving this area is that it is painless! It can be done at home, and it is extremely cheap compared to other methods. You can either use an electric shaver, or if you are feeling brave you could use a razor. This requires a steady hand and a gentle touch. As a hair removal method, it sounds great doesn't it?

As you would expect, there are some disadvantages to shaving your pubic area. One of the most common is the overall 'finish'. Shaving pubic hair (which is often coarser than other body hair) can leave red spots or bumps and very often will lead to superficial soreness. If unchecked, shaving rashes can turn nasty and in such a delicate area can lead to complications.

In addition to this, the result will last nowhere near as long as waxing. After only a couple of days, there will be a stubble showing. Not sure about shaving? Let's look at another method.

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Hair Removal Cream

You may be aware that there are hair removal creams available. A lot of people often consider using hair removal creams on their genitals. Although this may sound like a good idea, it usually isn't!

The main reason for this is that this area is a very sensitive delicate area, especially for women. Creams can often lead to redness and sometimes a burning sensation, especially if left on too long. Over exposure can also lead to superficial skin burns. Although creams have their advantages such as a long lasting effect, easy to do at home in addition to being a cheap method, their use as a genital hair removal method is limited.

Another alternative to the above methods is electrolysis. This is a permanent hair removal method and will prevent hair from re-growing at all! Also a very expensive and often painful hair removal method. Unless you intend to remove your genital hair permanently, this should be avoided. That said, electrolysis has its place and is ideal for removing hair around the bikini line and smaller areas. Removing all your genital hair with electrolysis is not a practical solution.

If none of the above methods appeal to you, how about having a trim instead?

Trimming Your Pubic Hair

Giving yourself a trim as opposed to total hair removal option is a way in which you can experiment with pubic hair removal. Genital hair can be trimmed using a variety of tools. The easiest method is to use an electric hair trimmer. This has the advantage that you can set the depth of the cut to stop yourself from taking too much off. Another option is to use scissors. As you can imagine, sharp pointy scissors and sensitive genitals are not a good mix. Extreme care needs to be taken if you are considering using scissors!!

Which method is the best for you is a matter of personal opinion and circumstances. One of the most popular is waxing but this is not for everybody. Some people prefer to shave. The best option is to try each method and see which one suit you best.

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