Did Mark Twain Ever Visit the Tahoe Cove Named After Him?

The great American writer Mark Twain is to shortly have a cove of the Tahoe river named after him, but did he ever visit it?
Sept. 22, 2010 - PRLog -- One of America's most revered writers and social commentators is shortly to be honoured by Nevada state by having a cove of the famous Tahoe river named after him. Twain's name has become linked with this area as a local hero, yet one local writer is claiming the Twain connection to the Tahoe is rather ominous.

The Lake Tahoe scribe David C. Antonucci says the motion to name the cove after Twain further perpetuates a myth regarding the author's connection to the region. This week the Tahoe tourist board voted to name a cove of the river's eastern region 'Sam Clemens cove' after the famous writer whose birth name was Samuel Langhorne Clemens. Many believe the part of the river, just above Thunderbird lodge, is the area which Twain visited in 1861, where he intended to stake a claim on timber and inadvertently started a forest fire nearly one hundred and fifty years ago.

The proposal to name the cove after Twain is now to be reviewed by the US National Geographic Names Board. It's one of two or three names chosen each year by the Nevada state a spokesman said.

Yet Antonucci believes it is a bad idea. Based around Nevada and San Francisco the Antonucci is currently working on a book about Twain's travels through the Nevada state. The writer claims that one of his reason for writing the book is to in part dispel the myths regarding Twain in the area. Antonucci claims that for nearly 150 years almost every chamber of commerce has built up a story regarding Mark Twain. Twain is said to have travelled to the Tahoe about 5 times, and is said to have crossed the south part of the river twelve times as part of his trips to and from California.

The application for the naming of Clemens cove is based on the idea that this is the area in which Twain was meant to have accidentally started the forest fire, but Antonucci infers the evidence does not support this idea. A fellow writer that Twain spoke to about the forest fire reported that it was started by  Carnelian bay, at the north end of the river. Also a fire scar test at the proposed destination of Clemens cove holds no suggestion that this was the are of the fire.

Yet the acceptance of the application by the geographical names council suggests that they are happy to accept this are as the location of the fire as opposed to the area in the north Antonucci believes,while Antonuci is worried of the acceptance of the name, describing it as misleading.

Yet there is opposition to his argument, distinct geographical features that Twain writes about are to be found in the are of Clemens cove, furthermore Twain staked his timbre claim on the river's east.

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