Urgent update on Turkesterone- The Most Powerful Ecdysterone So Far Discovered

Turkesterone, a plant extract harvested from Ajuga Turkestanica, is the most powerful of the Beta Ecdysterones so far discovered.
By: Colin Leadbetter
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Sept. 20, 2010 - PRLog -- Urgent update on Turkesterone

Turkesterone, a plant extract harvested from Ajuga Turkestanica, is the most powerful of the Beta Ecdysterones so far discovered. The Ecdysterones are a group of plant sterols that have a steroid-like effect on the human (and animal) body, without any side effects such as development of breast tissue in males, masculinization in females, aggression, baldness, plus a host of other severe and chronic health problems. Turkesterone has been known about since the 1960s and its stimulatory effects on protein syntheses have since been well researched but not until quite recently, principally due to the high costs involved, has a pure Turkesterone extract been commercially produced.

TrueTurk Turkesterone is now available imported directly from the Institute of Chemistry of Plant Substances (ICPS) in Uzbekistan. The growing and harvesting of the plant is strictly controlled by Surhandarya local authorities and export of the plant is subject to even more stringent controls by a dedicated customs office. These controls endeavour to ensure that all sanctioned outlets for the product can subsequently be verified, thus providing vital reassurance that the product is legitimate and will always be truly effective. The widely available extract from Rhaponticum or Leuzea Carthamoides has been extensively tested by the ICPS and shown to contain no Turkesterone but lesser phytoecdysteroids of varying effectiveness.

Reassuringly, ICPS Ajuga Turkestanica Extract contains not only a standardized and guaranteed amount of the highest quality and highly effective Turkesterone but also a similar guaranteed amount of high quality Ecdysterone plus smaller amounts of other useful active phytoecdysteroids such as Cyasterone and Ajugasterone which all work in synergy to offer superior protein conversion resulting in rapid and impressive muscle gains and fat reduction.

Effects so far observed include

§   Increased production of both fast- and slow-twitch muscle fibres
§   Increased body weight due to improved muscle-to-fat ratio
§   Enhanced ATP and PCr synthesis
§   Increased muscle glycogen concentrations
§   Enhanced removal of lactic acid
§   Anti-inflammatory effects
§   Anti-oxidant effects
§   Increased appetite
§   Enhanced tolerance to thermal stress
§   Improved sleep quality
§   Increased red blood cell count
§   Improved cardiac function
§   Enhanced resistance to infections
§   As with steroids, increased levels of LDL (good) cholesterol, and decreased levels of HDL (bad) cholesterol
§   No increase in blood pressure
§   No side effects at all have been observed
§   Does not show up during drug testing

Turkesterone has been available in some products but at such low concentrations and in such low amounts as to have little or no effect.

Please note that Turkosterone will help to quickly build muscle fibre only if used as part of a fitness routine; also, it needs protein to convert into muscle, approximately 1g or protein per pound of body weight. It may prove to be even more effective than already envisaged if used with a testosterone-boosting supplement such as Tongkat Ali 100 to 1 Extract from Earthrise Foods.

For reassurance, a copy of a letter of authentication from the ICPS can be seen at http://www.earthrise-foods.co.uk/tonvara-trueturk-turkest....

Only TrueTurk from the ICPS in Uzbekistan is genuine pure Turkesterone, so look for the authentication letter and the TrueTurk Authorised Distributor label before buying


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