Electric Vehicle and Home Energy Server: The new Trend

What is on the alternative energy horizon? ...heard about Energy Server, ZAFCG(zinc air fuel cell generator). Don't let the Home Energy Server trend pass you by. The EV is already here but time is on your side if you intend to capitalize on HES!
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Sept. 19, 2010 - PRLog -- Electric Vehicle and Home Energy Server:  The new Trend

Going green is the driving force in the development of sustainable sources of alternative energy. The philosophical approach to conserving the earth’s resources and requiring that Man have only limited impact on the environment has become more popular and fueled the research, development, and implementation of alternative sources of energy. Positive inroads are being explored to make these new energy sources widely available at affordable prices. Progress is undeniably being made but as of yet, the widespread use of alternative energy sources is limited. Scientists have proposed a lot of ideas to reduce dependence on fossil fuels. As new forms of energy are developed, the match between new alternative energy solutions and the environmentalist movement have become evident. So far, three forms of alternative energy fit in well with the objective of “going green”. These are solar power, wind power and Ethanol. Many experts agree that the three are well worth pursuing. When it comes to new energy sources, the first choice of many is solar power. This source of power is derived from the stored energy of the sun via a complex set of batteries and components. Solar energy has moved into the marketplace and is available as a viable, off-the-grid source of renewable energy for homes and small businesses everywhere. The second form of alternative energy is wind power. A turbine is rotated and generates a form of energy that can be translated into electrical power. This is a fast-growing industry with only limited noncommercial capabilities at present. Locations where wind power is a reliable form of energy are somewhat limited. Places where wind is diverted by structures, natural landscape, mountains, and other manmade and geological features make wind power particularly difficult to harness. The third type of alternative energy relates to transportation rather than residential and commercial power production. Ethanol is an alternative energy source that replaces gasoline, the traditional fuel that is derived from oil. The development of Ethanol has been a long time coming and is now in limited use. Many cars and trucks can already efficiently burn Ethanol, but the cost of production has made it a luxury at the gas pump.
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The New Trend
The potential for the electrification of transportation appears to be far more immediate, well-tested, and readily available than most people realize. Of all the policy responses to the energy crisis, electrification of transportation appears to have the potential for the quickest and the most profound benefits for human health, land use, pollution, and Global Warming. Just the economic and social benefits of reduced automobile disabilities and deaths may justify the investment in electrified transportation. In addition air pollution and negative impact of "Peak Oil" have associated costs that are substantially reduced by ancillary benefits from the electrification of transportation. Thus when all alternatives to conventional petroleum are considered, the most beneficial alternative – electrified transportation – should be pursued most aggressively. With appropriate federal and local funding urban rail plans could be built out within a decade .
The battery technology already exists so that heavily used city bus lines could be converted to electric or trolley buses immediately. Fleet operators and regular commuters already have a vast array of hybrids, plug-in hybrids, and electric vehicles coming to market within months to a year. The bottom line is: it is clear that electrification of transportation ought to be the leading economic and policy response to the advent of "Peak Oil", Global warming, Air Pollution and Dependence on foreign Oil. Don't let the EV trend pass you by because The EV is already here!

What is on the alternative energy horizon?  Have you heard about the Energy Server, the ZAFCG(zinc air fuel cell generator). In my previous article about the ZAFCG I wrote about how a relatively small Korean company is spearheading the adoption of the zinc-air fuel cell as EV range extender, beating GM to the punch in non polluting way to rid potential EV adopters of “range anxiety. While Bloom Energy already dominates the SOFC(solid oxide fuel cell) arena with their up and running  parking lot size units and their mega customers such as Google and EBay, it seems unlikely they will have a smaller functional and practical one for the home or cars as Leo Motors does.
You can learn more about these new developments and advances on my Blog: Home Energy Server: "plug-and-play future of electricity" .
Today Google,  EBay, Coke, Walmart, FedEx, Cox, Staples,  SimCenter, Bank of America… Tomorrow a village in Africa, a home in America.

What those in the know are saying about the bloom box
( Fuel cell from Bloom Energy):

Bloom fuel cell technology has the potential to revolutionize the energy industry,” California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger said while introducing Bloom founder K.R. Sridhar.
“He is someone shaping the future of energy not just for California but for the world,” Schwarzenegger said.
“The core of our technology simply is sand,” Sridhar said
“It is available in plenty … to make a fuel cell,” he said.
“I’m a big supporter of this,” Page said during an on-stage chat with renowned Silicon Valley venture capitalist John Doerr of Kleiner Perkins Caulfield & Byers, a major backer of Bloom.
“This is a breakthrough,” Powell said. “Sooner or later it is going to be in homes all across America. Think what it will ultimately do for humankind.”

Don't let the Home Energy Server trend pass you by.  The EV is already here but time is on your side if you intend to capitalize on HES!
Both domains: homeenergyserver.com and homeenergystorage.com are Evdomains available among others such as energystoragestations.com…..



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Electrification of transportation and alternative energy are the world's top priorities.Electric Vehicles,Ev conversion and Alternative energy sources explained in my book "The EV Alternative" 200 color pages Visit : http://www.Evalternative.com
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