Apply UnCommon Sense© to Develop a World-Class Sales Organization

This proven methodology and formula for success will help owners and CEOs lead their their businesses to build a strong sales foundation through ongoing reinforcement. Uncommon Sense is now available to DFW area private businesses from ELDAR, Inc.
Sept. 19, 2010 - PRLog -- Now that you have streamlined every process and cut every bit of waste from your company in order to remain profitable, what is left to do?  Where else can you go?  The economy still struggles and it seems logical that sales, as a result, will continue to suffer.  But should they, really?

Take a look at the following statistics.  They are hard to believe, but paint an amazing picture:
       •   48% of Salespeople NEVER follow up with a prospect
       •   25% of Salespeople make a Second Contact, then quit.
       •   12% of Salespeople make only Three Contacts, then quit.
       •   Only 10% of Salespeople Make More than Three Contacts.

At this point, you may be saying “So what?”   Here’s what:
       •   2% of Sales are made on the First Contact
       •   3% of Sales are made on the Second Contact
       •   5% of Sales are made on the Third Contact
       •   10% of Sales are made on the Fourth Contact
       •   80% of Sales are made after the Fifth Contact.

These stats indicate that the different between making one call and four calls per prospect can increase your sales by 400%, but only 10% of salespeople do it.  The results of persistence past the fifth call can be even more dramatic.  

So how can we overcome these statistics to increase our revenues and profits in the most dramatic fashion possible?  One answer is to consider investing into the Uncommon Sense® sales methodology, developed and refined over the past 25 years by Z/Three Development of Austin, Texas, and now licensed by ELDAR, Inc. for distribution in the DFW Area.  This concept has proven itself to transform the sales team into a world-class sales organization for over 300 industries and professions and including everything from small privately held businesses up to Fortune 500 companies.

The UnCommon Sense© formula for sales success is comprised of two steps.  Step 1 involves diagnostics for determining the strengths and weaknesses of your current sales organization, sales management, and salespeople.  These diagnostics may are also used with recruiting services.  The assessment results are designed to be read by your employees, and will provide examples of how they may affect the salesperson’s behavior, and specific directions regarding how to overcome weaknesses and erase blind spots.

In order for training to be effective you must provide the right training to the right people.  The diagnostic assessments suggest who to train, how much training to provide, and the Return on Investment to expect.  They will also serve as a guide for selecting the required content and the appropriate expectations for growth.

The management overview provided with the assessment is the single most important collection of information about your company’s sales organization.  It combines your organization’s individual Sales Force Evaluations into a complete Sales Upgrade Blueprint.  The Overview assesses your Sales Force holistically and reveals he hidden problems that are costing your money.  It reveals which salespeople and managers will and will not success, along with specific actions to take to help each reach their potential.  You will learn who is trainable, how much training is required, and the specific training that each individual needs to accelerate their learning curve and results.

If you are attempting to transition your company from Good to Great, you’ll learn which of your existing people should be on the bus and where they should sit.  You will also learn who should get off the bus.

Step 2 of the formula for success involves training, coaching, and interim management services to implement three key processes:
       •   Sales Process
       •   Sales Management Process
       •   Sales Recruiting Process

In order to be effective, training must create behavioral change.  Otherwise, people tend to slip back into their comfortable (performance/sales/selling) style that was previously unsuccessful.  Salespeople can either lead, follow, or get pushed out of the way.  Traditional selling approaches often place the sales professional in the awkward position of responding to the prospect’s initiatives, rather than confidently managing and controlling the sales process.

You can’t learn from a book or a seminar . . .

Unfortunately, seminars, books, and sales tricks don’t work.  Successful selling is a habit.  In order to develop a habit, one must understand not only what to do (a process), but also how to do it (behaviors, attitudes, and techniques).  These habits aren’t learned in a single class, but must be practiced until “owned”.  This methodology not only teaches you HOW to well, but will also teach you how to reprogram your head trash so you can move out of your comfort zone and make piles of money!

UnCommon Sense© is a high-integrity, easy to understand, non-manipulative process of buyer facilitation designed to create long-term win-win relationships and fantastic results.

Built-in, customizable coaching and sales development plans, combined with powerful reporting, provide managers with everything they need to develop their salespeople.  Managers can measure the effectiveness of sales training and coaching.  Some comprehensive research shows that it usually takes an average of nine months before salespeople seriously begin to achieve results from sales training.  This methodology combines coaching and/or interim management services and uses a number of applications to track the progress that people make in overcoming weaknesses, as well as the resulting changes in behavior, immediately without having to wait out the length of your sales cycle.

By combining an in depth assessment with an integrated training, coaching, and management methodology, business owners can maximize their company’s effectiveness in improving their sales organization, increasing revenues, and ultimately positioning their companies to grow in the current months and years while positioning themselves to become a market trend setter as our economy fully recovers.

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The Alternative Board® (TAB) NE Dallas – Rockwall & ELDAR, Inc. offers real world business advice and development services for owners to find the personal and professional levels of success and freedom they seek.

TAB is an exclusive, membership-based organization that helps business owners achieve more profitability, productivity, and personal fulfillment through an unmatched combination of peer-to-peer insight, private coaching, and proprietary tools that connect business owners to thousands of their peers around the world. Since its inception in 1990, The Alternative Board® has helped more than 12,000 businesses around the world to achieve greater success.

We are also a distributor for the Uncommon Sense® sales methodology, which has proven over 25 years to change the:
o Results from sales
o Beliefs and paradigms of the sales organization
o Attitudes of the sales organization
o Behaviors of Sales Managers and Salespeople
o Techniques to a common sales vocabulary
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