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Chlorella is an edible microalgae discovered in the late 1800’s. Because it was found to be more than 50 percent protein, scientists began to investigate its possible use to alleviate food shortages.
By: Dr. Kumar Pati, CEO Best Nutrition Products
Oct. 26, 2010 - PRLog -- As a clinical nutritionist with over 50 years in sanitarium work, one of my main interests has been to find foods that will help patients to recover from their ailments and remain healthy for the rest of their lives. I have traveled through many countries in search of the secrets of health and longevity, looking for the special foods that are most effective in reversing disease and building high-level health. These are the foods that promote longevity, and chlorella is one of the finest.
Chlorella is an edible microalgae discovered in the late 1800’s. Because it was found to be more than 50 percent protein, scientists began to investigate its possible use to alleviate food shortages. After World War II, the Carnegie Institute in Washington, D.C., found a way to grow it commercially; then the Japanese took over with enthusiasm and they have made one of the best food supplements in the world from it.
I first heard about chlorella in the 1950’s, when lecturing on nutrition with Dr. Leon DeSeblo, a California M.D. who had studied longlife factors in foods. He used chlorella daily as a dietary supplement. Strong and vigorous, he finally passed away at the age of 107.
Chlorella is a single-celled plant with a two-billion-year history, as scientists have discovered from fossils. In suitable conditions, each chlorella cell divides into four new cells every 20 to 24 hours. This provides for an annual harvest of some 40 tons per acre — as compared to under half a ton of soybeans, or two tons of rice per acre per year — and chlorella contains far more protein than either soybeans or rice. It also contains 19 of the 22 known amino acids, incuding all eight of the amino acids essential to human nutrition.
Amazing Vitamin and Mineral Content of Chlorella:
The nutritional profile of chlorella is impressive. Vitamins B-1, B-2, B-3, B-6, C, E, pantothenic acid, folic acid, biotin, PABA and inositol are present: over 125 mcg of B-12 and over 55,000 IU of vitamin A per 100 grams, along with 221 mg of calcium, 315 mg magnesium, 130mg iron, 71mg zinc, 0.4 mg iodine and 895 mg phosphorus. And there is more!
The highest known source of Chlorophyll:
Chlorophyll is effective in detoxifying the liver and bloodstream, cleansing the intestines and feeding the friendly bowel flora. Iron in one’s food is more easily absorbed from the intestine in the presence of chlorophyll. Indeed, when in Taiwan recently, I was told that cases of arsenic poisoning from contaminated well water had been successfully detoxified with chlorella, which contains about two percent chlorophyll.
Healing and Prevention of Disease:
An experiment was conducted by the Japanese fleet during a three-month cruise, in which 458 sailors were given two grams of chlorella tablets daily, while 513 sailors (serving as “controls”) were not given any. The cruise was in very hot tropical weather, and all the men worked hard. During the three-month voyage, 903 colds were reported among the 513 controls, but only 571 in the chlorella group (41 percent fewer colds). Average weight loss for controls was 3.31 lbs, and for the chlorella group 1.5 lbs.
Further research has shown that there is a substance in chlorella which appears to increase production of interferon, a chemical in the body which protects cells from harmful viruses. At Kyushu University Medical College in Japan, chlorella was given to five patients with wounds that refused to heal under conventional treatment (including antibiotics). In three cases, wounds healed in less than a month on chlorella, while two of the more stubborn cases required about two months to heal.
Effective treatment of peptic ulcers by using chlorella is well established in Japan, as well as treatment of duodenal ulcers and gastritis. Treatment typically consists of taking chlorella along with prescribed medication to hasten healing. X-rays are used to verify complete healing. For example, 76years old Sajiro Narita was hospitalized for three months with duodenal ulcers; he went home, then suffered a relapse the following year. This time, he took chlorella along with his ulcer medication, and his symptoms disappeared. Medical examination confirmed complete healing.
Chlorella has been used in treating hypertension, diabetes, hypoglycemia, asthma, constipation, and elevated cholesterol levels. Recent research indicates that certain substances in chlorella stimulated the natural immune system to protect the body from infections and even from cancer.
In the 1950’s, Dr. Fujimaki, of the People’s Scientific Research Center in Tokyo, separated a substance from a hot water extract of chlorella by electrophoresis, which was later named Chlorella Growth Factor (CGF). This extract was found to be rich in nucleic factors, which explains some of the earlier research findings about chlorella. For example, experiments with young rats, rabbits, chickens and pigs showed that by adding five percent to 10 percent to chlorella to their regular food brought dramatic increases in weight gain and size, ranging from 10 percent to 47 percent more than the control groups.
When two grams daily of chlorella was given to groups of healthy boys and girls aged 10 years in Tokyo, for a total of 112 days, it was found that the bodies taking chlorella had increased in height by one inch and in weight by 2.3 lbs, while a similar group of boys who did not take chlorella had grown only 0.6 inches in height and 1.6lbs in weight. The girls who took chlorella regularly gained an average of 4.2 lbs while the controls, who took no chlorella, gained only 2.7lbs; and both groups of girls had gained an average of 0.9 inches in height. The above experiments showed that chlorella increased the rate of growth both in young animals and children.
This sheds light on why chlorella works to stimulate healing, for the same substances and process that promote growth in young animals and children also promote repair of damaged tissue in mature animals and humans. Apparently, one or more of the components is CGF promote both growth and tissue repair. (The processes of detoxification and immune system stimulation associated with chlorella are not part of the tissue repair possible.) When we realize that CGF is primarily made up of nucleic material from the chlorella cells, the findings of Dr. Benjamin Frank, in his research on the aging process, help us to understand what is taking place.
Dr. Frank believes that the loss of energy and the physical deterioration associated with aging are due to the increasing breakdown of nucleic factors (DNA, RNA) that are needed for healthy cell functioning. When he put his patients on a diet rich in DNA and RNA foods, he expected to see improvements in energy levels and well-being, as the nucleic components were made available for repair and replacement of cellular nucleic acids. (DNA and RNA in all living things are made up of the same basic chemical building blocks.) He found that not only did his patients gain more youthful appearance and energy, but health problems connected with aging — such as arthritis, emphysema, heart disease, deteriorating vision, memory loss, and depression - simply disappeared in many of them.
Dr. Frank recommended using high RNA foods such as canned or fresh sardines, salmon, other seafood; legumes, wheat germ and green leafy vegetables. Canned sardines had been found to be the food highest in RNA at 590 mg RNA per 100grams. Now, however, research by Dr. Minchinori of Japan has reported levels of 10 percent RNA and three percent DNA in chlorella — which means that is 17 times higher in RNA than canned sardines.
It is interesting to note the overlapping of diseases that have responded to Dr. Frank’s diet rich in RNA but without chlorella, and those that have responded to regular dietary supplements of chlorella and CGF. This would appear to be more than just coincidence.

Dr.Abhay Kumar Pati lived in Okinawa, Japan and worked for Sun Clorella Corporation.

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