How to Survive the Current Bed Bug Epidemic- Many large cities are plagued. Will you be next?

There are measures the average consumer can take to protect themselves against bed bug infestation. Bed bugs have become resistant to many of the toxins that kept them at bay, and now that DDT has been outlawed, there seems to be no relief in sight.
sleepguard BED BUG
sleepguard BED BUG
Sept. 18, 2010 - PRLog -- Fortunately, there measures we can all take to minimize the prospects of the bugs from taking up residence in our homes. First, make sure that everything you bring into your home is "clean". Things that we may not remember to check may be cloth items purchased in a store. Clothing, hats, jackets, furniture, and of course, bedding. Be cautious of yard sale items.

Evidence of infestation would be small black dots and smears, clustered together. Their thin bodies enable them to hide in tiny crevices, mattress lining, behind headboards and picture frames, beneath wallpaper, etc. This makes them difficult to treat .

Another place they hide and get transported by would be rental trucks and other delivery trucks. If the former renter had bed bugs, they probably didn't all stay in the furniture. When the mattress company removed the last customer's old mattress and put it in the truck, was it infested? Make sure your rental is clean - get it the night before, sweep and vacuum it first and if you're still not sure, set an insect bomb and close the door.  If you're expecting a furniture delivery, ask the store how they handle the items they remove. Best case would be to bag and seal the old mattress/ box spring. Some companies do, others don't.

So, you've discovered that they have now come through the wall of the next apartment and you have them. What can you do now? Since the bed bugs hide through out the  house,  cleaning would be the first step. Vacuum every inch of your home -whether you think you need to or not. Don't forget the walls, spaces where the wall meets the floor, curtains, behind pictures, under the cushions and in the creases of your couch and chairs. Take all of your bedding off, including the pillows, and wash it in hot-120 degree- water,  then dry on the hottest setting. Vacuum your mattress, springs or foundation, around the edge where the mattress sits on the frame. Take that vacuum cleaner bag out of your house, tape it up (or tape it into a plastic bag) and dispose of it outside.

Now that the cleaning has taken place, apply a natural bed bug repellent/ killer. There are several on the internet that work well. One is made from crushed fossil shells that actually destroy the bug's protective outer coating within minutes of application. There are also natural remedies to help stop the itch that are quite effective.

After you are sure that you have the problem under control, or better yet- before you have the problem- put a new bed bug proof mattress protector on your mattresses. Sleep Guard  makes a bed bug proof mattress protector that is classified as a Class 1 Medical Device. It's also waterproof but doesn't have a crinkly sound.

The plague of bed bug infestation can be a frightening one. Just remember, it is not your fault. They can come from anywhere. Even the White House had them a couple of years ago! Take precautions and protect your mattress now before you have to discard it.  You can win!

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