Must be the Music finalists Missing Andy refuse to wear anything but their Oak Jeans

Brit Pop boys refuse to swap their Oak Jeans with the other leading brands offered by the Sky 1 stylists.
must-be-the-music-Missing-Andy- Copyright of this  image belongs to Sky 1
must-be-the-music-Missing-Andy- Copyright of this image belongs to Sky 1
Sept. 16, 2010 - PRLog -- Fern Cotton, Dizzee, Charlene and Jamie will all be deciding the fate of six talented acts this weekend on Sky 1.  Must be the Music is the rival of X Factor, and in many people's opinion is more serious about musical talent than the audience topping ITV show...

Missing Andy will be living their dream by performing at Wembley in the final of the show; the five Essex boys write their own songs and have made it to 27 in the mid week charts with Sing for the Deaf.  The band's British image is as important to them as their music, and they have been spotted wearing Essex denim brand Oak Jeans on several occasions... it has been said that the boy band were more rock 'n' roll then Brit Pop when they refused to swap their favorite brand of jeans with another leading denim brand.  

Oak Jeans are renowned for their comfort and style in the fashion world, as well as their celebrity following: owners include Kirsten Dunst, Kissy Sell Out, Noel Fielding, Olivia Lee, Anna Williamson, and Penny Smith.  The unisex skinny jeans are designed by Essex born self-taught designer Scott Rogers, who has said 'it's great that the lads stick to their roots with fashion as well as their music, and it is also good to see the gold Oak tree logo  - as it reminds me of how hard I have worked too!'

Rob, Elliot, Steve, Jon and Alex may sing for the deaf but there is no dressing for the blind when it comes to their super stylish taste in denim.

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