DAT-Consultancy introduces pre-legal debt collection to foreign creditors in Turkey

Debt collection as financial service is a new business sector in Turkey. DAT-Consultancy has launched pre-legal collection services;a professional and effective approach. Their combination of mediation and judicial solutions has received much praise.
Sept. 8, 2010 - PRLog -- Debt collection as financial service is a totally new business sector in Turkey. Until recently, payment issues were either being settled after lengthy Court procedures, or solved in a personal rather questionable fashion. Consultancy companies did not at all play any role and pre-legal collection has never been an option to foreign creditors. At the same time, due to increasing internationalization of Turkish companies and exceptional economic growth of the Turkish economy, the total value of foreign accounts payables has been rising steadily.

Hitherto, a company which was facing problematic accounts in Turkey was bound to experience complicated administrative requirements and costly legal procedures. Moreover, cultural differences and long distances created additional hurdles in terms of communication. By taking the step to bridge the gap between culture and trade and with launching its pre-legal collection services, DAT-Consultancy can genuinely be regarded as a pioneer company. By combining a personal approach, mediation and judicial solutions in a unique all-inclusive package it has greatly reduced financial risk for foreign companies trading in Turkey.

Within two years their activities on debt collection have developed into a full-fledged collection service, furthered by its appointment as GCS-Group’s official representative in Turkey as of December 2009. A focused approach on pre-legal procedures such as registered demand letters, notifications, regular collection calls, and company visits has proven itself to be very effective in reaching payment agreements in Turkey. In addition, DAT-Consultancy has access to the full Turkish trade registry, and is able to retrieve all relevant data for each registered business in Turkey. In case a debtor remains reluctant to pay, DAT-Consultancy’s exclusive contract with its law-firm allows for low-cost legal proceedings in which lawyer fees become only due in case of a positive ruling. With a 70% success rate and an average time span of 2 months for solving any debt claim pre-legally, DAT-Consultancy’s tailored services can be called highly successful.

DAT-Consultancy has received much positive comment on debt collection efforts from both creditors as well as Turkish debtors. They are often happy to 'finally being able to discuss the problem’ with someone from their own cultural background, speaking their language, and showing, in their eyes, 'understanding' for their position. This kind of reactions stresses out the difficulties of Turkey’s rapid economic development: the need to be able to address issues in the native language and the necessity of understanding Turkish social norms. Conclusively, all of this makes debt collection in Turkey a distinctive practice, with potentially high returns.

DAT-Consultancy is a member of the ACA, the association for credit and collection professionals, and the official representative of GCS-Group in Turkey. DAT Consultancy operates on the basis of no-cure, no fee. A commission-based collection ensures a professional and success orientated approach. For more information about debt collection in Turkey visit http://www.dat-consultancy.com

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DAT-Consultancy is a collection and consultancy office with as main aim to facilitate trade relations between Turkey and international businesses.With legal and consultancy staff active on-site we offer an unprecedented package to mediate and solve payment issues in Turkey.

Since two years we have fully focused our activities on debt collection, and since developed a full-fledged collection service. Our pre-legal procedures consist of demand letters, notifications, regular collection calls, and when necessary we arrange company visits. Our approach has proven itself to be very successful. We are proud of our 70% success rate, and our average timespan of 3 months for solving any debt claim.
DAT-Consultancy is standing out in the debt collection sector by offering not only commission-based out-of-Court collection, but we can also initiate enforcement proceedings and/or initiate a lawsuit NO CURE-NO FEE.

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