How to Cure Nail Fungus at Home Naturally ????

How to Cure Nail Fungus at Home Naturally - Learn How to Cure Nail Fungus at Home Naturally
How to Cure Nail Fungus at Home Naturally
How to Cure Nail Fungus at Home Naturally
Sept. 4, 2010 - PRLog -- How to Cure Nail Fungus at Home Naturally - Learn How to Cure Nail Fungus at Home Naturally

Having a nail fungal infection is really annoying. Where did it come from? Well, you probably wear your shoes too much or you were walking barefoot in a public swimming pool or are being negligent in using communal comfort rooms. Maybe you haven’t heard of nail fungi and didn’t care until you found them occupying 10 per cent of your feet.

Nail fungus is an awful condition that can really be bothersome. It is a condition in which a fungus invades the skin in and around the nail bed. It can happen in either the toes or the fingers and can be quite uncomfortable as well as noticeable. But, there are several things that you can do to fight off these nail fungus problems and it starts with an education about them.

At first, the fungus is just a white or yellowish spot under the nail. It then chomps through the keratin compound of the nails and spreads. Soon, you will feel pain while your nail gets brittle and thick with the ugly discoloration. In some cases, the infected area bleeds and develops a gooey discharge.

Symptoms Of Nail Fungus:

There are several ways to know if you have nail fungus.

•  Nails will change in some way as an indication that there is a problem
•  Brittleness and discoloration are evident.
•  You will find that nail fungus can also cause a thickening of the nail or even a distortion of the nail’s actual shape.
• The nail could lose its shine and luster and will often begin to loosen.

The Causes Of Nail Fungus:

Nail fungus is caused by a number of different microorganisms. Most of the time, bacteria or fungi are the main culprits. While a small amount of these organisms is actually good for the body, some will grow quickly and then form infections that lead to conditions such as nail fungus. They feed off of the dead tissues that are found from the hair, nails, and on the skin.

Fungal infections can be caused by mold like fungi. These could be such conditions as athlete’s foot, jock itch, and ringworm. Other fungus is yeast like fungi and would include such conditions as diaper rash, oral thrush and genital rashes. Most of the time, nail fungus happens on the toes and recurs often. It can be picked up from public areas such as swimming pools or shower rooms. Those individuals who sweat a lot have an increased chance of getting and keeping nail fungus infections because they thrive on wet, moist areas.

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Treating Nail Fungus:

Unfortunately, treating nail fungus is difficult but not impossible if right natural treatments are followed. Many people start with creams thinking that they will work, but unfortunately, they have little chance of fighting off the infection. Complications of nail fungus include permanent damage to the nail itself, skin infections which are secondary as well as the common recurrent nail fungus infections.

•  Oral medications are available to help. Sporanox and Lamisil are two that are commonly given but the side effects of these medications often cause them to be not worth the risk.And, they often will take several months to show any improvement. Still, reoccurrences will happen. The only way for it to be cured is for new, non infected nails to grow in place of the badly infected ones.

•  The best prevention of nail fungus is proper hygiene. Keeping the skin in the area of the nail fungus clean and dry will help to alleviate some of the inflammations. Take care of the nails and always wash and dry your hands after you have touched the affected area of the body.

•  Prevent nail fungus by wearing footwear in common places. If you frequently catch fungal infections, you should apply anti fungal powder after you visit any common place to prevent the infection. Keep your toes dry and wash them regularly.

•  For Nail fungal infection generally  medications are used. However Topical and oral treatments are taken in or applied. The medication may take three months or more until a new nail sprouts. However, this does not guarantee your nails to be fungi-free forever as most medications like these have side effects and infection sometimes recur as soon as medications are stopped.

•  Dont  stock your feet too long inside your shoes. Give them short breaks during daytime to keep it ventilated. The fingernails rarely acquire nail fungi but to be sure, avoid overexposing it to water or chemicals. If you have to, always dry them thoroughly.

•  Nail polish and artificial nails may be cute but don’t fancy them too much. Use them only occasionally. As a rule, be careful with the instruments of your favorite salon. Make sure they are sterilized because Fungi are highly contagious.

Your nails deserve the right kind of pampering. Take good care of it before it’s too late.

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