MOOVEITTODAY provides $10,000 in private stimulus money to home buyers.

MOOVEITTODAY can help get all qualifying individuals into a new home and receive $10,000.00 in private stimulus money to spend on furnishing, a new car, a vacation, pay bills, or simply add the money to your retirement account.
Sept. 3, 2010 - PRLog -- August 1, 2010 – ATLANTA, GA - This Company, MOOVEITTODAY, appears to be taking a stance in this bleak economy by providing $10,000 in private stimulus money to that sector of the populace that will have the greatest impact at stabilizing the housing market, the home buyer.

Placing money in the hands of the populace that is suffering the most seems to be an idea that is growing legs with a company that seems to understand what it is going to take to get capital flowing again between the consumer who spends money on new cars, homes, vacations, shopping, and paying down debt and industry which will be more motivated to hire, expand, and invest.

The CEO of MOOVEITTODAY, Stephen L. Johnson, a former executive in the insurance industry, is quoted: “Our philosophy is simple. We’ll use our passion and knowledge to help a new homeowner fulfill their dream.  We live in a serious economic time where homeowners need help in keeping their homes.  Our private stimulus program will allow new homeowners a comfortable cash cushion.”

This country needs more companies willing to be visionaries and mavericks.  We need the industry giants with the lenders to make jobs available, to make loans, to issue credit lines, to encourage new growth.

We need more companies like, MOOVEITTODAY and its’ CEO, Stephen L. Johnson to step up and begin getting this economy moving in the right direction.

MOOVEITTODAY, Inc is at the forefront of the real estate market. Its professional staff has a combined total of more than 100 years of business, financial, real estate and entrepreneurial experience. MOOVEITTODAY has a goal of being one of the many companies stepping forward with incentive programs that can be used to help stabilize the real estate market.    

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