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Toshiba Mini NB205 Netbook
Toshiba Mini NB205 Netbook
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Sept. 1, 2010 - PRLog -- BUY CHEAP Toshiba Mini NB205 Netbook BEST PRICE : DISCOUNT Toshiba Mini NB205 Netbook for SALE : Taking a Look at the Toshiba Mini NB205 Netbook – A Netbook Review - Netbooks, or mini laptops, are coming down on the mobile consumer like rain.  They are beginning to be manufactured on the scale of cell phones.  For the sake of this dear Earth, I hope there’s a recycling program available for these mini’s as well.  The Toshiba Mini NB205 is a purse computer that is selling at the $400 mark.  However, the performance doesn’t compete well with other netbooks product lines that have already been well established in the market.  This mini, because of its price, will surely not do for Toshiba what the Palm Pre did for Palm.  For $400, more is expected but that depends on the value of your dollar in relation to the performance and your love for Toshiba.
Compliments: The design stands out from the rest; Touch pad is spacious; Can be charged by USB when off; Long battery life – 8.5 hours; Keyboard; Easy to Upgrade
Complaints: Speakers make you think you’re losing your hearing; Boots as fast as a slug; Battery pack is a bit bulky; Price

Specifications: When I think of Toshiba, I think of reliability and durability. For a while now, I have always wondered why it has yet to enter the netbook market. Toshiba fans will be delighted to know that it has recently released the Toshiba Mini NB205 netbook. It is powered by a 1.66GHz Intel Atom N280 processor and 1GB of RAM (upgradeable to 2GB). For storage, it comes with a 160GB hard drive. For connectivity, it is wi-fi (802.11b/g) and Bluetooth 2.1 enabled.

Design: I have a lot of admiration for Toshiba products and so I have a bitter/sweet relationship with this mini.  What I first thought to be a nice aspect of this design that would have stood out for me is the power button being exposed even when the netbook is closed because it is placed in the screen hinge, right in the middle.  I thought the Toshiba Mini can be turned on by feeling around in the bag for the power button while waiting for my Mocha at Biggby Coffee.  This might have made up for the longer than average boot time because the Toshiba should have been ready to go by the time my Mocha is ready.  However, the button isn’t able to be activated if the netbook is closed.  Why they put this at that location is something that troubles my dreams.  Of course, having it activated while closed could be a killer for the battery and a disappointment when being ready to access the Toshiba Mini but finding it had been on for hours and is ready to hibernate because of low battery.  Like I said, it’s a bitter sweet dance.
To start off on a good note, the bottom of the Toshiba Mini NB205 has plenty of air vents to keep this little computing cutie cool.  It almost seems a little unnecessary because of the size but it’s a delight to see.  It would be nice if more of the larger laptops were ventilated to this extent.
The quality of the construction doesn’t seem sufficient despite its size.  Usually small things are tougher because of their lower center of gravity and higher concentration of matter.  However, this mini has too much of a plastic feel to it that makes you feel like it will break if you shake your bag or purse just a little bit.  The screen seems to be securely snug but that’s the only thing.  The keys of the keyboard seem as if they’ll break from extensive typing.
Back to the bottom of the Toshiba Mini and back to some good points, there are panels that make it easy to access the hard drive and RAM for simple upgrading.  There’s no worry about breaking this secondary computer when all you want to do is add more RAM or change the hard drive.
Another delightful aspect that tries, though in vain, to take my mind off the $400 dent it attempts to make on my wallet is the nice sized mouse pad and large mouse knob.  I always found a tiny mouse pad to be the hardest thing to adjust to when paired with a tiny screen so the increase in the size of mouse pad and knobs in the Toshiba Mini NB is a warm welcome.
Sharing the bottom of the Toshiba netbook are the speakers which are weak and not worth talking about.  This computer is mean to be used with headphones.  I will say that, for a mini, can Bose quality be expected?  Do you expect a subwoofer to be magically placed on a 10” computer?

Features & Performance: Typing on the Toshiba Mini NB205 netbook takes a little time to get used to, but once you get the hang on it, it feels pretty comfortable to type on. The mouse track pad was also very spacious with huge click buttons. Toshiba claims that the netbook can last up to 9 hours on one charge. The last time I used it without plugging in the power point, it lasted about 7 hours, which was pretty impressive. This netbook was quite speedy. The audio quality from its speakers was only mediocre. Despite its flaws, the Toshiba Mini NB205 netbook is all in all a pretty decent netbook and may prove to be a formidable competitor to other popular models in the market.

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