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Free mobile phone spy tool is exponentially better than a private investigator. Why hire a detective when you can make yourself one using a mobile phone spy software. Make the bold step, download spy phone now!
Aug. 31, 2010 - PRLog -- Free mobile phone spy tool? Is that what you want? To download a spy phone could be one of the greatest decisions that you could ever make.

Mobile phone spy software is rapidly replacing the roles of private investigators. With the mobile phone spy software at hand one can check on a cheating husband, a disobedient teenager, or deceitful employees. The best thing is, while private investigators could easily put a hole in your pocket, you can find a lot of free mobile phone spy tools out there. However, one must be careful because many of these so-called “free mobile phone spy tools” are laden with computer viruses.

It is difficult to be the one people lied to. I know you feel hopeless because you cannot provide proofs to your accusations. No matter how many times you ask, a person who’s determined to lie will just deny your arguments. Mobile phone spy software provides the means so you can get the facts behind the lies. Download spy phone at

Mobile phone spy software lets you read text messages, open saved files and check on call logs. However, some more hi-tech mobile phone spy softwares do MORE than just the basic.

The following are some of the incredible features of some of the world’s best mobile phone spy tools;

1.)   GPS Tracking.

GPS tracker allows you to locate the mobile phone anywhere around the globe. But be careful because you can download spy phones that does not locate the phone in real time and instead just give approximations at 30 minute-intervals.

2.)   Listen to phone conversation.

A person can easily rebuff a print out of written text messages, but recorded phone conversation is hard to deny. Spybubble is the only mobile phone spy software that allows you to listen to live phone conversation. Download your very own Spybubble at

There is one thing that you need to know before dipping in to the offer of a free mobile phone spy tool. Most mobile phone spy softwares are designed for a specific cell phone brands and units.

REMEMBER!! Don’t fall for the misleading offers of free mobile phone spy tools, because you need first to know whether your spy software is compatible to the phone of your target. You cannot download a spy phone for Nokia to a Blackberry. Nevertheless, there is mobile phone spy software that is compatible to ALL cell phone units. Spybubble is the best spy phone because it is compatible to any cell phone unit. Download your very own Spybubble at

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