RE/MAX Valley Real Estate Thanks The Valley, Its Associates For Ten Years of Support.

Ten Years ago six top producing agents came together in the Mahoning Valley to establish a real estate organization that they hoped would better serve not only their needs, but the unique needs of other top producers in the industry as well.
Aug. 30, 2010 - PRLog -- (Boardman, Ohio.) - Ten Years ago in August of 2000 six top producing agents (Betsy Johnson, Bonnie Beam, Andrea Chianello, Al Leonard, Carole Samuels, and Jack Pearce) came together to establish a real estate organization that they hoped would better serve not only their needs, but the unique needs of other top producers in the industry as well. They envisioned an office limited to agents serious about excelling in the real estate profession with the added benefit of working side-by-side only with other top professionals. They envisioned an office where all agents have the freedom and power to realize their potential; a fast paced, enjoyable environment, where agents compete with each other instead of against each other. RE/MAX Valley Real Estate was born.

It was thought that an office where, top producers surrounded by like-minded professionals, with an advanced level of peer support and shared self-esteem could have a profound effect on how they conduct business — and in turn, on the amount of business they conduct. They outlined a work environment where all agents are treated with respect and with the professionalism they deserve. They developed written policies to ensure that Valley agents not only get the all leads they themselves generate, but enjoy fair and equal opportunity to share in all company leads as well. Neither officers, nor any agent were to be given an unfair advantage over any other agent. In addition, it was decided that the agents themselves would determine company policy and direction.

“You’ve got that right,” said Andrea Chianello, President of RE/MAX Valley. “At RE/MAX Valley, the agent runs his or her own business — not the broker. No, it’s not a case of the inmates running the asylum. At Valley, responsible business men and women come together to discuss the well being of the company and make board-of-director-like decisions that control not only the future of the company but their own futures as well. Therefore, they have complete control of how much of their income they put back into the business and how they allocate funds to their own business.”

“This brings along with it the satisfaction, self-esteem, and responsibility of running one’s own store, but it’s also why not every agent can or should be a RE/MAX agent. RE/MAX Associates are rightly perceived as being independent entrepreneurs, and earn the respect of their real estate peers as well as other professionals in the business community.”

When it comes to income, RE/MAX Valley Sales Associates receive the highest possible compensation, even after monthly expenses. Like doctors, lawyers, and accountants RE/MAX Associates share office expenses but retain individual identity and individual earnings.

“At RE/MAX Valley,” said Al Leonard, CEO of RE/MAX Valley, “we found that our agents’ income doesn’t just increase because they keep more of their commission than they would in a conventional office. It increases more so because they generate more business due to the presence of an 800 pound gorilla called RE/MAX on their side! Even before a new agent makes his or her first call, the client already associates him or her with quality, experience, integrity, and success. And by success, I mean Results. That gives us a real step up on the competition.”

Carole Samuels, Corporate Secretary of RE/MAX Valley, said, “We chose to align ourselves with RE/MAX because the RE/MAX paradigm matched up very well with our own convictions. RE/MAX was and still is, the only major real estate network still run by its original top-producing founders. While other companies have been bought and sold by entities not even connected with real estate, REALTORS® have remained at the helm of RE/MAX since 1973 − with its focus locked on the agent as customer. The primary goal at RE/MAX isn’t getting the stock price up – it’s to help top agents become even more productive.”

“We manage by that same philosophy,” explained Samuels. “At RE/MAX Valley, we recognize that our agents are our ‘customers’ − not employees − and devote ourselves to maximizing their income, not the company’s.”

The company grew slowly at first. In a blue-collar town the concept of an ‘employee’ paying ‘management’ for a job was slow to catch on. But soon, many agents realized that maximum commission was not a privilege that had to be earned at RE/MAX. It was available the instant an agent joined. It was available to any agent with enough self confidence to make an investment in his or her own ability. The reward was unlimited income potential and the freedom to manage his or her business to maximum personal advantage.

“RE/MAX Valley was founded by agents for agents,” Betsy Johnson, Vice-President and Broker of RE/MAX Valley Real Estate reminds us. “And, for ten years – through good markets and bad – we’ve been forging the most competent, experienced and productive sales force in the Mahoning Valley, backed by the most comprehensive support system in the industry. RE/MAX gives its affiliates the tools to thrive, no matter what the market conditions may be. In 2008 when the real estate market tanked, RE/MAX Valley was the only top ten Mahoning Valley company to actually show a gain in sales volume.”

“From the beginning,” explained Bonnie Beam, RE/MAX Valley Corporate Treasurer, “RE/MAX Valley was been built around the success of its Associates. With the industry’s best training, the most technologically advanced tools and an approach that empowers agents, it only follows that RE/MAX Valley Agents on average are the most productive in the Mahoning Valley. This is what we set out to achieve ten years ago, and our sights are set on maintaining our ‘Above the Crowd™’ position through the next decade and beyond.”

This year alone RE/MAX Valley agents together with RE/MAX agents network wide will spend more than a billion dollars promoting themselves and their listings. Along the way every one of those dollars will promote the RE/MAX brand and the agents associated with it. No brand in real estate speaks louder than RE/MAX.

“There’s little I can add to what my partners have already said,” concluded Jack Pearce, RE/MAX Valley Designated Broker and Corporate Vice-President, “but let me share a few amazing facts about RE/MAX:

•  RE/MAX has the most productive sales force in real estate (with just 2 percent of the agents, RE/MAX produces 8 percent of all agents' sales).
•  RE/MAX Associates have more real estate sales experience than other real estate agents and lead the industry in professional designations.
•  RE/MAX dominated national TV advertising in '09, reaching more viewers than all other real estate brands combined.
• has more traffic than any national real estate franchise Web site.*
•  Nobody sells more real estate than RE/MAX.

“And most importantly,” Pearce emphasized, ”Nobody wants to thank ‘everybody’ in the Valley as much as my partners and I for helping us make our first ten years as successful as they’ve been. But, as much as we would like to pat our own backs, we realize our success only mirrors the success of the RE/MAX Valley Agents we work for. We thank the community for supporting them – we thank them for continuing to embrace RE/MAX, and we thank them for their outstanding effort.”

“Outstanding Agents. Outstanding Results!™”

*ComScore, and Hitwise for 6-month period through April 2010
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About RE/MAX Valley Real Estate: RE/MAX Valley Real Estate, located in Boardman, Ohio, is an independent, locally owned, and locally operated franchise of RE/MAX L.L.C. It was founded in 2000 by top producers for top producers. Their agents rank number one in the Mahoning Valley for average associate production and average volume of sales. RE/MAX Valley services the real estate needs of the Mahoning Valley, Trumbull, Mahoning and Columbiana Counties. "No one sells more real estate than RE/MAX."
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