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This month The Lupus Magazine features three new exciting writers... It's a pleasure to introduce Canada's Jules Sherred
Aug. 30, 2010 - PRLog -- Since The Lupus Magazine first went online in April earlier this year, the publication has grown along with the diverse group of writers now contributing to the site.  The editor of The Lupus Magazine, Geoff Thomas, is pleased to welcome Jules Sherred to the creative team.

"It's an absolute pleasure to have Jules writing for us.  Her media experience is first class and I love the fact we now have a voice from Canada.  We're a diverse worldwide group and all the writers are so positive depite their health issues.  We all suffer from lupus in one way or another, so our readers appreciate where we're coming from.  Jules adds to the positive conversation as we search for a lupus cure."

Jules Sherred has experience as a Lupus awareness campaigner, an author, radio host and Lupus Blogger.

'Lupus awareness is obviously extremely important to me. It can be a very devastating disease yet most people have no idea what it is outside of a catchphrase on a popular television program," notes Sherred.

"I'm fortunate enough that I already have a voice in this (lupus). However, I am hoping by writing for The Lupus Magazine and sharing my own story open and honestly to a more focused audience, more people will no longer be afraid to use their own voices and find their own creative outlooks to talk about Lupus.

I did a podcast about my own battle with Lupus in preparation for the launch of the Lupus Awareness Art Gallery on May 10. The amount of thank yous I received from those who were too afraid to tell their story (either fear of losing their job, families, friends, lack of understanding and acceptance, what have you) really touched me.

Hopefully in time, while more voices speak even if they are shaking, that part of the fear will go away. And it all begins with a ripple. I hope that my voice lends to this rippling effect."

To read Jules' articles and find out more about her exciting new awareness projects, visit The Lupus Magazine - new edition online September 1.

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Published monthly, The Lupus Magazine has been established as we search worldwide for a cure for lupus. It's a place where you can enjoy the latest lupus news and articles from around the world.

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