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An article on the continuing journey of meditation, and the role that our natural incense sticks may play. Dhuni natural incense sticks are handmade organic and natural.
By: Dhuni Natural Incense Sticks
Aug. 29, 2010 - PRLog -- Thought I’d write again today on the continuing journey of meditation, and the role that our natural incense sticks may play. Life, it seems, has something to teach us, a big secret, which we nudge against at times when our eyes widen, but which seems mostly out of reach. We touch this secret when we’re with our lover, or staring into a new born baby’s eyes, or watching the dawn on a mountain top. These are moments of the numinous, the sacred, in which life seems utterly alive and magical and worth living. We feel connected.
At other times we feel far from connected, we feel separate. The notion of a hostile world out there, and us in here, seems overwhelming. In these times meditation helps to ground us, and return us to the source. Over time it can help to dispel this sense of separation entirely, resulting in a much talked about state called ‘enlightenment’.  (

What is enlightenment? It is to realise this silent secret at the heart of the universe. It is to realise that what ‘we’ actually are is something which never has to struggle or to suffer. It’s to realise that what ‘we’ are is not an individual looking out through two eyes onto a world out there, but the transparent awareness in which everything is contained. To live as this is to be a Buddha, one who is awake.

In this journey of meditation, ritual plays a useful part. When life sweeps us away, and the busy mind chatters so fast it seems, more than ever, to define our experience of the moment, then simple rituals like chanting, yoga asana, breathing, and lighting incense can help bring us down to earth. Many cultures use incense sticks as a gesture of thanks, as part of a puja offering, and as a signal for the beginning of devotional practice. They light a stick and bow in namaste, and thanks existence for the miracle of this moment.
dhuni has no creed or belief system to espouse, and welcomes all faiths to use our incense in praise of whatever you feel to be divine. For us, the burning of incense is the bringing together of sacred herbs and flower essences, the purest and most extraordinary in the natural world, and to offer them up to Agni, the God of Fire, which represents the power of transformation in all of us. We burn these meditation incense sticks as a precedent to asana or meditation, and with gratitude and love.  (

With the exception of citronella (although even this is useful when in a mosquito rich environment) all our incense can be used and appreciated as a tool for centering and stilling the mind. It’s hand rolled, and entirely natural, and we hope it brings you as much joy as it does us.  (

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