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Bolle Sunglasses Polarized
Bolle Sunglasses Polarized
Aug. 29, 2010 - PRLog -- BUY CHEAP Bolle Sunglasses Polarized BEST PRICE : DISCOUNT Bolle Sunglasses Polarized FOR SALE : Useful Information About Bolle Sunglasses - Shades for sports are the goal of Bolle sunglasses. Outdoor sports could be considered a rather risky endeavor with the strong light and potential damaging radiation from the sun, so every athlete should have a pair of dependable sport designed sunglasses.

Bolle sunglasses has some nifty technology for their shades, going as far as creating specific lines of sunglasses for different sports like Bolle Golf and Bolle Tennis. As an athletic competitor you'll need every little edge you can get. A good pair of modulator lens can mean the difference of an ultra important few hair widths of a second in time, which as many athletes know can mean all the world.

The lens technology from Bolle is currently specialized in four areas; modulator lenses, and performance lenses with competivision, eaglevision and polarization.

Modulating lenses are nifty glasses that everyone should have on hand. They feature Active Cell Technology that works at the molecular level to darken the lens during sunnier conditions and lighten the lens in gray or cloudy conditions for perfect protection all day long.

There are currently three colors of modulating lenses available, amber, rose and gray. Each lens is perfectly suited to different weather conditions

The performance lenses with Competivision are just perfect for the tennis match. By acting like a filter, the lenses mute all colors except for optic yellow, making that tennis ball really stand out. The Competivision lens is the official eyewear of the US Professional Tennis Association. You can purchase competivision lenses in just two colors currently; standard turquoise, or a Gun lens that features a silver flash mirror look.

Eaglevision Competivision lenses from Bolle sunglasses are more suited fro the golf course. They enhance contrast of the green colors in the color spectrum. So, it's a lot easier to see all that green on the course and where there are breaks in it. These lenses also work to reduce glare. They come in a range of amber shades from EagleVision 2 to EagleVision 2 Gold.

The Bolle Sunglasses Polarized lenses from their Performance line work to reduce most glare and reflected light. Lens like these are ideal for driving on or for fishing where the glare in midday can be at its worst. They are lightweight durable polycarbonate. There are a wide range of lens colors for the Polarized line with unique names like; Axis, Cactus, Cobalt, Midas, Sandstone, Sandstone Gold, Sandstone Gun, TLB Dark, TNS, and TNS Gun.

The filters for the Competivision and Polarized Lenses are embedded in the lens to ensure that they don't wear off the lens. These are some of the longest lasting filtering lens out there.

Every lens created by Bolle Sunglasses features some unique purpose, whether its night skiing or high elevation climbing in very bright conditions. They offer lightweight, shatter proof lenses, indestructible Hydralon frames and advanced sports lens technology. Bolle makes it a point to create the perfect eyewear for every situation and this niche marketing has made them a premium manufacturer since 1888.

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Bolle Sunglasses Polarized Review : I wear contacts and do a lot of mowing even on windy days. these Bolle Sunglasses Polarized were the best purchase I could have ever done for my eyes. They fit snug to my head without being uncomfortable. The grass and debrie no longer get in my eyes.I am sunsensitive so they are perfect for this. I will purchase more of thes glasses in the future.

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