New Fantasy Novel Second Sight Weaves Music Into Life

Fantasy author Greg Hamerton released Second Sight this month -- an epic fantasy novel written in a lyrical style with a mystic twist. It builds on the story introduced in The Riddler's Gift and continues The Tale of the Lifesong fantasy series.
Aug. 27, 2010 - PRLog -- The Tale of the Lifesong is a new fantasy series from South African fantasy author Greg Hamerton. It begins with a young singer who discovers the ancient power of the Lifesong and is hunted for her talent. The second book in the series, Second Sight, was released this month. It is an epic fantasy novel written in a lyrical style.

The concept of the Tale of the Lifesong is mystical. There is a song that drifts on the breeze through all the world. Its rhythyms are echoed in our breath, the music is caught in our laughter, hidden in our language, woven through our life. Singers reach for the melody, but it is too delicate to hold and too elusive to remember. As the Ages pass, so the Lifesong retreats under the sounds of our time, its potent beauty and danger ever more a mystery.

The story of Second Sight is a centred around the value of life. Tabitha Serannon can perform miracles of healing, yet people are dying in her hands. A prophecy points a crooked finger beyond Eyri and Tabitha must abandon her followers to rescue the source of her power. Every step takes her farther into the terrors of Oldenworld, but she must liberate the essence of life before it is corrupted by chaos.

The series has gained widespread critical acclaim.
"Second Sight flows beautifully page after page ... " FantasyBookCritic
"Highly, highly recommended." (FantasyBookCritic)
"Hamerton has a wonderful gift ..." (Cape Times)
"Enormous fun to read and extremely easy to lose yourself within."

Greg Hamerton is convinced that writers have the best chance of learning magic, because they know how to spell. He lives near London, close to the airport so he can escape should the island go under due to global climate change. He is an outdoors enthusiast and enjoys soaring over clouds and getting lost on his paraglider and then trying to find his way back.  He is am a dedicated reader of fantasy, and respects the works of Charles de Lint, Robin Hobb, Stephen Donaldson, Robert Jordan and Terry Pratchett.

Second Sight is available to order from UK and South African bookstores or directly from

A paperback version is available in the USA via Amazon on


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