Greeting Cards Creations: Card Making Expert Offers 3 Tips for Making Beautiful Hand Made Cards

A local 20 year old is starting an online card making business, despite odds. After almost not making it to a state of mental health at birth, he grows up to live a healthy active lifestyle and is now helping people create gifts from the heart!
Aug. 26, 2010 - PRLog -- Many people are caught up with “life” these days, running around working 8 hour days, then coming home and cooking, cleaning, and parenting. They feel like they have no time for the smaller things in life, the things that people come to take for granted; something as simple as receiving a beautiful, personal, handmade creation.
Business owner, Mike Tielemans says, “It is sad that 80% of the American population will receive a card that has little relevance to the person on their birthday this year. We need to get back to the heart of the matter, which lies in the heart.” As many people have quoted, the best gifts are those that come from the heart, why are we all running to the store to buy something that, when handmade, will be the highlight of a birthday celebration. And that thing is a loving, handmade card.
I am here to give you 3 quick tips that will start you on how to make a quality birthday card for the people you love:
1.   Get the right materials. Come prepared for when you’re starting a card. Don’t let the lack of supplies stop you from creating your masterpiece. Art Pencils, erasers (you’ll need it) and card stock or construction paper is the basics of what you need. Always remember Colour! Colour will enhance it exponentially.

2.   Get inspired! Inspiration is the key to a great card. Think about the person your giving this to. What do they like? What are their interests, talents, profession? This may help. Let the creativity flow and make it personal and geared toward that specific person.

3.   Allow the time. Try not to rush this. If your making a good quality card, put the energy and time in it that it deserves, and that the recipient deserves. Life may try and take you out of the game, but finish what you start!
Mike, who runs a popular website about how to make birthday cards at home, claims that we would all feel a little more appreciated if we received something from the heart on our birthday.
Mike offers a downloadable guide entitled, “How to draw Your First Card” at which explains 8 tips in full detail that will get you clarity and success on your journey to card making. is a popular website that shares tips and strategies on Card Making for Birthdays and Holidays.

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