Magnetic Generator - How It Works and Where To Acquire It

For years the brilliant design of a magnetic electricity generator was nothing but an unproven answer of alternative energy.
By: Kali McCarthy
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Aug. 26, 2010 - PRLog -- For years the brilliant design of a magnetic electricity generator was nothing but an unproven answer of alternative energy. Today you can find tens of thousands of handymen, hobbyists in addition to the "typical guy" across the world now creating their own magnetic generator in there garages, workshops or their backyards long before the very first industrialized applications are expected to get released.


What Is A Magnetic generator?

A magnetic electricity generator is a device that harnesses the intrinsic components of magnets to drive a motor at near-zero cost.The motion from the motor can then turn into electrical power (very similar to a gasoline generator converts engine motion into electricity).

In the beginning, only a touch of energy is required to start the generator after which from there have perpetual power.This is all due to the properties of magnets.

What Is The Science Behind It And How Does It Work?

When an individual set one strong magnet close to another, the attraction is so great that you might have no time to pull yours away in time before they get caught together. Such is the intrinsic power of magnets.

All is still when the magnets are stuck to each other. But what if you could pull the magnet away swift enough and pull along the magnet with nothing else but the strength of magnetism?

Its precisely what a magnetic electricity generator do. Its really uncomplicated, all that a magnetic generator is, is a motor designed like a disc, with magnets positioned all around the outer part of it. Magnets are placed in a unique way for it to work. Obviously nothing occurs when its not being used. However it simply calls for a small amount of energy to get it ongoing, and from there, it will become self reliant. All which was needed was the first input of energy into the system. Infinite energy comes from it.

How Can I Get One?

Simple, build one by hand. The generator is a very simple concept and consists of only some fabricated parts, wiring and powerful magnets. Make it easy on yourself and just find the top magnetic generator plan as opposed to going through trial and error with dismal hopes of success. Get a plan that guides you through sourcing the material needed, step-by-step instructions and illustrations, and comprehensive maintenance guides. With greater than fifteen different generator guides on the market, we have reviewed them all and chose the superior three manuals to make your job less difficult.

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