Auction Website Chooses SwipeAuctions As Brand For New Launch

SwipeAuctions is the official brand name of auction site after a lengthy testing beta phase, company officials stated today.
By: Sherry R.
Aug. 31, 2010 - PRLog -- The auction site SwipeAuctions is launching under their official brand name after a lengthy testing beta phase, company officials stated today.

The site has been running and successful since November of last year, but operated under another brand name during the beta phase. Now the SwipeAuctions name has become official.

“As part of our launch process we test every component of our site in order to maximize its potential,” said Sherry, a company spokesman. “That includes the name. At this point we believe SwipeAuctions has the highest brand recognition and profit potential.”

The decision to name the auction site SwipeAuctions came after the company conducted deep market research, ran split tests with other names and listened to the feedback of their users.

“While a rose by any other name would still smell as sweet, in the online landscape your business name can make a big difference in terms of your bottom line,” Sherry said.

SwipeAuctions is a penny auction site. People sign up for membership and then purchase packages of bids. Every time they place a bid the price goes up by one cent and more time is added to the auction. The person who places the last bid when time runs out gets to buy the item at a big discount.

SwipeAuctions also has special hourly, weekly and monthly prizes for its most dedicated bidders.

The company also donates money to multiple charities including World Vision, which helps impoverished children around the world. The company has said that is particularly interested in helping charities that support children and single mothers.

It asks its members to suggest appropriate charities to support, holds special charity auctions and encourages them to give back to their community as well.

“We are dedicated to providing great customer service to our members, doing our best to help our community through charitable donations, and providing the best and most exciting products and prizes possible,” Sherry said. “We hope that in the near future the word SwipeAuctions becomes synonymous with good business.”

The company said the name change will not affect any of the site's operations or functionality, and people who signed up while the site had different names will still be able to use their bids with SwipeAuctions.

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SwipeAuctions (, one of the best penny auction sites in the world, is regarded as a leader in the industry. Founded in late 2009, the company holds auctions on more than 1,000 items per day including televisions, laptops, consumer electronics and even cars. The site provides a fair auction environment (no bots or shill bidders, guaranteed) and supports its members with impeccable 24/7 customer service. SwipeAuctions offers an amazing and dynamic user experience and boasts the most daily winners in the industry confirmed by shipment tracking numbers on all wins. Furthermore, the site's owners actively pursue making the world a better place by giving part of its revenue back to the community through worthy charities. Currently they are sponsoring over 125 children at World Vision, and pledge to sponsor an additional child each day. Facebook and Twitter

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