New Twist on Fundraising for Competitive Cheerleading

All Stars Fundraising (ASF) is helping the competitive cheer industry raise the money they need for everyday expenses including traveling to competitions, gym equipment, uniforms and it's FREE to join.
Aug. 24, 2010 - PRLog -- National Accounts Manager Paul Orr, explains: "it is great to have an easy way to raise money for your gym without all the headaches typically associated with fundraising campaigns". Most fundraising requires upfront expense and the risk of unsold merchandise - not to mention the difficult and unpopular job of going door-to-door and handling cash or checks.

ASF has streamlined all the work, giving the teams all the tools necessary to get the job done at any time 24/7 and offer discounts from local and national merchants directly to the people who would love to support their teams, says Mr. Orr.

All with-
* No Upfront Cost
* No Merchandise to Deliver
* No Door to Door Selling required or money to handle
* No Minimums
* No unsold Merchandise to return or worse, be stuck with

Mr. Orr further explains the unique features of the program for the Fundraising Administrator. "She has her own back office in ASF's website". By logging in to the gyms account Home page- she can:

1. Enter and edit team mothers and team members contact information.
2. Email her members from her own email module with complete editing functions.
3. Manipulating email lists with just a click or two, schedule multiple emails for delivery.
4. Email members and potential supporters using the supplied email templates.
5. Create her teams discount card front with the Card Front Designer.
6. Print Offline orders forms with team Card Fronts for promoting during special events.
7. Enter offline orders online when received.
8. Business card fliers for everyday promotion.
9. Web site sales banners to help online promoting.
10. Track sales in real time by member, team or the entire organization.

There is even a calculator she can use to view the total funds needed to be raised when the number of teams, members and cards are entered.

Mr. Orr continues- "not only have we streamlined the fundraiser's efforts but the Merchants network also has their own back office".

The Merchants can add and delete discount offers as they see fit as many times as necessary. They can track the number of times an offer has been added to a card and can even limit the numbers of times an offer can be chosen. He can create as many offers as needed and can activate or deactivate each offer individually.

Merchants FINALLY have the opportunity to create offers that are meaningful to their bottom line and not some cookie cutter discount that's been used too many times.

Also Mr. Orr adds "if the local merchants do not want to participate on a discount card but would still like to participate they can by becoming one of the Preferred Merchants".

The preferred Merchants program are online discounts and are used by the discount card purchasers or team supporters when logging in to their account Homepage.

During the purchase process the card holder creates their own back office account. From there they can purchase more cards, view each card they have purchased and build their own local Preferred Merchants list for more local discounts.

The card holders also has the online grocery coupons and the online national merchants discounts located on their Homepage. Giving them access to online discounts from 100's of national brand merchants with discounts as much as 70% off retail pricing. ASF is offering two discount cards for the price of one for all athletic cheer supporters, doubling the discount opportunities per purchase.

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