Government Debt Relief Grants Don’t Exist – Tips To Find Legitimate Debt Relief

Individuals seeking government grants for credit card debt has opened the door for about a half-million websites wielding misinformation about the topic.
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Aug. 21, 2010 - PRLog -- Individuals seeking government grants for credit card debt has opened the door for about a half-million websites wielding misinformation about the topic. Some are bait and switch sites where you look for a grant and end up with a consolidation loan or dealing with debt settlement shysters while others sell worthless information or computer programs to help you find these nonexistent grants!
You can easily discover the truth using the search term " does not offer money for personal financial assistance or debt" to see it for yourself on this official site but if you look down the results page you will find more trickery for sale on how to budget, get an extra job, don't lose your credit score and other meaningless websites totaling approximately 800,000.
Being in the first phases of a depression that's going to get much worse you need real, honest and workable answers for your debt dilemma. There is a real government grant that far exceeds anything you've ever heard or dreamt about. It is so basic you will not believe it!
If you're willing to spend 90 minutes educating yourself about our government from pre-constitution times to present day then use the search term "the gig is up--money, the Federal Reserve and you" which will lay the groundwork for your understanding of how the ultimate government grant works.
If you have watched the gig then you should be very upset about discovering you are nothing more than a debt slave to big banking. You may have friends or relatives that have paid the ultimate price for our constitutional freedoms through past and present wars. If you appreciate their sacrifices at all then you should exercise your constitutional right and stop paying your card debt which is draining our country and putting it in the pockets of the big banks.
Every elected politician in Washington from the President down through members of Congress are all living in total fear and under the control of the Federal Reserve. The really sad part is that you now know more about the financial history of our country than most politicians!
The ultimate card debt grant can be found using the search term "FTC debt video" which describes how to handle debt collectors. As you have learned, the bank didn't loan you anything and by law wrote off your account information and everything vanished back into thin air where it came from except that account information.
As a slap in your face and punishment for not playing the bankers game that information is sold to a collector who will harass you over the phone and write collection notices to you demanding that you pay "him" money that he certainly never loaned you. You have no contract with a collector and he cannot legally prove it in a court of law.
The government cartoon show explains the simplicity of beating collectors over the phone and explains how to nullify their collection notices by sending a demand for proof of debt by registered mail return receipt requested. If they can prove you owe, you're free to go!
Now you know that a direct government grant for your credit card debt does not exist and you have discovered the ultimate grant guaranteed by our Constitution. Using your rights to challenge collectors who have no legal grounds for taking money from you is your right and bankers who have never loaned you a penny have no right to demand money from you!
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