Death And Medical Care In Arizona State Prison Colonies

95% of prisoners are eventually released into society & either integrate into society or prey upon it. Anant Tripati sheds light on how Director Charles Ryan of Arizona Department of Corrections (ADOC) mould prisoners to prey on society once released
By: Anant Kumar Tripati
Aug. 18, 2010 - PRLog -- More then 95% of people in prison eventually get released into society and they may either successfully reintegrate into society or prey upon it. The Director of Arizona Department of Corrections (ADOC) Charles Ryan has put into place practices which lead inmates upon release to prey upon society because of treatments afforded in prison.

Medical care is being delayed and /or denied to prison inmates in Arizona State prison colonies. Because of delayed care, cancer; heart conditions and other serious medical problems have become catastrophic. At least 24 inmates in one complex are dying because the Arizona State Prison has delayed treating them for their medical conditions.

ADOC #   Inmate Name
155162   J. Skillen
166019   O. Padilla
038856   M. Uhlig
240165   M. Algeri
026187   R. White
0993887   A. Coronado
050042   D. Rector
137913   L. Amparado
113172   A. Hill
215622    Hager
136672   M. Feldman
068441   D. Bandstra
237987   D. Trinity
113522   Borter
232964   H. Gould
068795   G. Martin
131002   A. Roberts
090634   F. Leon
107210    R. Weiss
195258   M. George
102399   G. Coffman
239956   R. Davis
056995   S. Montenegro
210925   W. Zimmerman

There are approximately 1,500 diabetic inmates in this prison. Prison authorities are denying them proper diet which is a must in management of diabetes. Absent a proper diabetic diet, these inmates will die from serious complications. Yet, Director Charles Ryan has ignored diabetic inmates and continues to provide them with meals full of starch, carbohydrates, processed meats and sugars thereby aggravating their conditions.

ADOC #   Inmate Name
240165   Algeri
138169   Bernez
245055   Sorensen
242833   West
026187   White
070819   Lee
044423   Muse
166049   Padilla
213037   Parley
170640   Furgeson
043138   Gonzales
232964   Gould
085110   Griffin
170854   Hernandez
152258   Holleman
117658   Leafty
144276   Escarena
200625   Black
048880   Pearle
054257   Raschid
079519   Resends
146818   Robinoff
173372   Sanders
101907   Bomar
038724   Cardenas
130890   Carter
099387   Coronado

Another major crisis facing the prison population is Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus (MRSA). Inmates in large numbers are being infected with MRSA as Charles Ryan has refused to follow the Federal Bureau of Prisons Clinical Practice Guidelines as set by Centers for Disease Control (CDC) to ensure that MRSA does not spread.

Instead of treating medical conditions properly and scientifically in timely manner, the Arizona State Prisons under the leadership of Charles Ryan continuously uses “band aid” way out to save money and defer treatment. They use Tylenol, Motrin, Antacids, and Prilosec etc for all types of medical conditions.

Mental illness and drug addiction in prison population is a deadly combination. Prisoners are neither being monitored nor treated properly for their conditions. Instead they are doped with prescription medication which further aggravates their mental health.

The manner in which the State of Arizona treats prisoner’s medical conditions directly violates the Patient Protection and Affordable Healthcare Act (PAHA) passed by Congress. By delaying, denying and deferring treatment, Arizona is also increasing the cost of treating the medical condition and is a burdening the taxpayers.

As medical professionals are actually making the decision to delay, deny or defer medical care relying on policies adopted by Charles Ryan due to overall culture of the prison system, their culpability is great.

Dr. Scott A. Allen Co-Director Center for Prison Health and Human Rights at Brown University in the context of mental health care in Massachusetts prisons has stated “that’s the danger of the larger prison culture we’re creating.” “As a society now, we’ve taken mental health problems into this prison setting, and we’re dealing with them in a punitive way.” Disability Law Center Inc v. Massachusetts Department of Corrections, U.S. Dist. Court Dist. Mass. No. 1: 07-cv-10463-MLW

According to Analysis of California Prison Healthcare Receiver Inc, (August 2007), 426 inmates died in California prisons in 2006 and 66 of the deaths could have been prevented by timely medical treatment.

As delaying, denying, deferring inmate medical care is a multi-billion dollar business, Florida Trend GEO Group Press Release and Annual Report “Policy lockdown! Prison Interests Court Political Players” (April 2006), New Mexico; Arizona has chosen to engage in Ct’s practices. Enticement bonuses are paid to senior staff if they are able to save money in the short term by delaying, denying, deferring medical care.

Charles Ryan, the Arizona Prison Director must be stopped for violating the PAHA and killing inmates under his watch. The Justice Department must file an appropriate action against Arizona to stop the practice delaying, denying and deferring inmate medical care.
Source:Anant Kumar Tripati
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