Government Announcement that Toyota Electronics Aren't An Issue a Positive for CT Hyundai Buyers

Government Announcement that Toyota Electronics Aren't An Issue a Positive for CT Hyundai Buyers. Key Hyundai, Ct's largest Hyundai dealer, supports this positive news for CT Toyota dealers. Key Hyundai supports a healthy, competive new car market.
By: Jill Merriam
Aug. 17, 2010 - PRLog -- CONNECTICUT - A government investigation into runaway Toyotas has found no new safety defects beyond problems with accelerator pedals that explain reports of sudden acceleration in the vehicles, according to preliminary findings released Tuesday.  This is good news for all new car buyers in Connecticut.  Almost 25% of the new vehicles on the road in Connecticut are Toyotas.  The reality is that many of the same manufacturers that make the braking systems for Toyota, make parts for other manufacturers.  A healthy, defect-free parts supply market is good for all automotive manufacturers, including Hyundai dealers in Connecticut.

Safety experts have said vehicle electronic systems could be to blame for the problems that have led to Toyota's massive recalls but the review by the government, while still at an early stage, has not found any evidence of those issues.

Toyota, the world's largest automaker, has recalled about 9.5 million cars and trucks since October in a quality crisis that has threatened to undermine the Japanese automaker's reputation for building safe vehicles.   Toyota dealers in Connecticut, including the Toyota dealership in Milford, CT, added extra technicans and extra hours to ensure excellent customer handling.

“As a Hyundai dealer in CT, we are very lucky that we haven’t had a major recall.  But, we would never pass judgement on another manufacturer.  Toyota’s are amazing cars and they’ve been a leader in quality for years,” says Jill Merriam, owner of Key Hyundai, Ct’s largest Hyundai dealer.  “We are really proud of the work that Hyundai has done over the past 10 years to drive quality.  I know you can put the quality of a Hyundai up against the quality of a Toyota, Honda, Ford, or any other car any day,” Jill continued.  

Following congressional hearings, the Transportation Department and NASA have been investigating what may have caused unintended acceleration in Toyotas. The government has received about 3,000 complaints about sudden acceleration and estimated the problem could be involved in the deaths of 93 people over the last decade.
The Transportation Department said it had not found any new causes of the problems beyond two previously identified in the recalls — floor mat entrapment and sticking accelerator pedals.  “It is a tragidy that people have been affected by the Toyota recalls.  But, the reality is that Toyotas have been a safe option for thousands of Connecticut Toyota buyers for years,” said Ms. Merriam, owner of Key Hyundai.  “The reality is that most cars are incredible safe nowadays.  There is so much competition that quality is the cost of entry to new car manufacturers.  Just within a 5 mile radius of Key Hyundai of Milford,  there is Nissan dealership in Milford, a Toyota dealer in Milford and a Ford dealer in Milford, not to mention about 10 other car dealerships,”  Ms. Merriam of Key Hyundai added.  

Key Hyundai supported Toyota during the entire recall crisis by stocking used Toyotas for its CT Toyota buyers, such as the Toyota Prius, the Toyota Camry and the Toyota Corolla.  Key Hyundai has sold used Toyotas to customers from all over Connecticut through the years, including Milford used Toyota buyers, Hartford used Toyota buyers, Bridgeport used Toyota buyers and Manchester Toyota buyers.

About Key Hyundai:  Key Hyundai is the largest Hyundai dealership in Connecticut with Ct Hyundai locations in Manchester, CT and Milford, CT.  You can learn more about Key Hyundai at  For more information about Hyundai in CT, visit  For more information on used Toyotas in CT, visit

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