5 Easy Steps For Muscle Development after 50

You might believe, as most others do, that its almost impossible to get a beach body after 50 years of age. Read more...
By: Jack bush
Aug. 15, 2010 - PRLog -- You might believe, as most others do, that its almost impossible to get a beach body after 50 years of age. However, almost is the keyword, because in the end, it sure is possible. People that are in the 50 and higher age group may believe that it has become impossible to get a lean and fit body but all you really need is anabolic stimulus, which can be achieved through exercise, and proper eating habits.

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When you get older, you do, however notice that your body is, obviously, changing. You get injured more easily and your body also secretes fewer hormones, like testosterone and growth hormone. You'll be doing your body favors if you ignore these transformations of your body and then just do what you think is right for it. This will strengthen your bones and heart and make them much better off.

Muscle Building Step 1

For more of effectiveness of your workouts, perform high-intensity training (HIT) workouts. This is ideal for the 50+ age group because it allows a quick power packed workout for the targeted muscle and provides time for recuperation. Start slow, by doing maybe only two to three intervals at an average intensity. Then, as your body gets accustomed, increase the intensity or frequency of the training.

Muscle Building Step 2

Risk of severe injuries is significantly reduced when you begin any intense workout with cardio exercises the blood flows throughout your body. Doing cardio before an actual workout is called occlusion warming up. This is beneficial because the blood rush in your body can bring oxygen and other nutrients faster to your muscles, which let them grow and repair faster.

Muscle Building Step 3

It isn't advocated to do more than one-hour long weight training sessions at a time because it will cause cortisol, hormone responsible for stress, to max out. It is a naturally occurring hormone that will cause muscle breakdown so its pointless to continue to exercise after the house. You don't want to waste that hard work, do you? Since your body naturally loses muscle mass when you're over 50, too much exercise will make you lose even more.

Muscle Building Step 4

Your eating routine should definitely be worked out around your workout plans. The bodys metabolism always slows when your age. Therefore, meal consumption around the exercise period will cause all the food eaten to either to turn into energy for your workouts, or for tissue repair. As general advice from experts, try to stay between the following guidelines: 50 grams of protein, 100 grams of carbohydrates and 30 grams of good fats.

Muscle Building Step 5

Only good-quality supplements should be used for bodybuilding at any age, especially over 50, so only take the good-quality ones, like creatine monohydrate. A daily 5 grams of creatine monohydrate should be sufficient in order to decrease recovery time from a workout and increase muscle performance. A supplement that older men might consider is growth hormone, because theirs is significantly lowering. Secretagogue, by MHP, is a good example of one. Other good examples of growth hormones are Powerful, from USP Labs and NuSoma, from Olympian Labs.

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