K. Madison Moore Artist Original Works in Oil

Original Contemporary Fine Art Works in Oil
By: k. Madison Moore
Aug. 14, 2010 - PRLog -- Trained by four Mentors in Fine Art, Commercial Art, Art Restoration and a formal education, Madison has been  a Fine Art Restoration Artist and Appraiser for over 35 years.  Some of Madison's restorations include Picasso, Kandinski, Kinkade and Neiman to name a few.
Madison Paints in many styles and subject matters therefore considers herself and Eclectic Artist in a sense, working in Realism, Abstract, Impressionism, Expressionism and many times a combination of styles.

Madison does all of her Paintings in Series: Nudes, Abstracts, Figurative, Still Life and her cherished Master Series with several divisions. Madison has been intrigued with the masters for as long as she can remember.
"her vision is not to copy the Masters, but is a homage to them for her inspirations."

Painting with The Masters allows Madison to visit the Masters on a daily basis.  She spends endless hours researching each artist and studying their paintings and techniques, colors, etc. When she reads about their lives it always has a profound affect on her paintings. Many times she wonders why the artist used a certain color or brush stroke, or what was on their mind when they selected their subject.
She envisions the artists studio and wonders what it would be like to paint there in that period of time.
Madison Sometimes feels like she is there, Painting with The Masters.

Madison: The Masters Series

When I first started studying art, of course I went right for the masters to learn techniques and to try too infiltrate their lives through art history. It's endless and always so much more to learn. I knew somewhere in my work along the way, that I would have to somehow incorporate my love for each and every Master Artist into my own compositions.

This is when I started painting my Art Museum Collection Series of Art within Art. The joy of designing the museum interiors fulfilled the architecture and design part of me and made them more fun to paint, as I knew they where the museums of my mind and creativity and not actual brick and mortar museums.

Then I pick one of my favorite Masters to study for that museum exhibit. I study ad research and delve into my art history books and sometimes read for hours trying to imagine myself as that artist by escaping into their world though the words and their paintings in my books. After coming back to reality a bit, I select what painting’s are my favorites and the frames for them and on to the people viewing the art.
In addition, I have been working on a new approach to my Museum Paintings. In some of the future paintings I will be incorporating Still Life and an assortment of unique interiors. This entire series will remain with the theme of Paintings within Paintings and People Viewing Art but this Segment of the Masters Series will be titled the Art within Art Series.
My recent Segment to the Masters Series is my new Connoisseur Wine Masters Series. This is so exciting to me. I am really having a great time with this series and the ideas are just flowing so I know this will be a long series.
With this series I like to bring portions of the label into the dimension of reality, even if it is the foot of Etre's woman on to the leaf of the flower in the foreground of the painting. I like that little twist!
I will be doing several for each of my favorite artists and adding many more along the way as far back as the 14th Century.
"My vision is not to copy the masters but is a homage to them for my inspirations."

Madison: Connoisseur Wine Master Series

This is such an exciting Series for me. I have been working on this idea for a very long time but just could not get all the components together in my mind to execute it.

It wasn't until I found a large box of very old sketches and recordings of work that I did many years ago when I was studying the masters and this original concept was born.
Once I saw the sketches and my notes, the compositions for this series just flowed and I couldn't paint them soon enough.

With a new series it generally takes awhile for it to catch on.
This series was different. Many of my collectors jumped at owning one or more as well as many new wonderful collectors that I have gained from this series.

I think my excitement for this series shows in every painting that I do. Each one has an excerpt from a painting of the Master that I chose for the piece composed as the Wine Label for the bottles. Since wines have vintage dates, the dates I include, are the birth and death of that particular artist and is a homage of sorts to that Master.

This will be a continuous series for me with no end. I will be painting them in small and large format. I have requests for future projects for installation in fine restaurants and wineries and will be announcing those projects in time along with photos.

If you have a favorite Master or painting that you would like to commission please contact me with your ideas.
Thank you to my collectors who have so generously supported me with this series.

"My vision is not to copy the Masters but is a homage to them for my inspirations."

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Original Contemporary Fine Art Works in Oils by k Madison Moore
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