Invisible Braces for Crooked Teeth

Invisible braces are considered the perfect option for correcting dental problems such as crooked teeth.
By: Dr. Steve Giannoutsos
Aug. 11, 2010 - PRLog -- A pleasant smile on your face and properly aligned teeth can improve your overall facial appearance and boost your self-esteem. Invisible braces treatment for crooked teeth aligns your teeth perfectly, providing you with the results you are looking for.  

The Perfect Choice for Correcting Crooked Teeth and Bad Bites

Invisible braces are considered the perfect option for correcting crooked teeth. Abnormalities in the alignment of your teeth make it difficult to give proper care to your teeth, in terms of brushing and flossing. Improper cleaning can cause serious issues such as irregular wear of the tooth surface, gum infection, tooth loss and chewing problems. By straightening your teeth with invisible braces, you can avoid all these issues. These clear braces can also rectify teeth irregularities including over bites, under bites, cross bites, open bites, crowded teeth, protruding teeth, widely spaced teeth and so on.

Orthodontic Braces that are Comfortable to Wear

The invisible braces, Invisalign comprise a series of clear aligners that are specifically designed according to the treatment plan for each patient. Compared to traditional metal braces with wires and brackets, these braces are more attractive and comfortable to wear. These strong, plastic aligners can be easily detached for eating, brushing and flossing. Therefore the patients can maintain excellent oral hygiene. Besides, they are transparent; hence treatment details can be kept hidden from others. Another major benefit of using invisible braces for aligning crooked teeth is that they do not cause any discomfort, enabling the patients to lead a normal life.

Approach an Experienced Orthodontist

In normal instances, the results of the treatment with invisible braces can be obtained within six to twelve months. Depending on the severity of the problem, the set of aligners to be used and treatment duration may vary.

If you are considering orthodontic treatment with invisible braces for crooked teeth, always consult an experienced orthodontist. After studying your particular dental irregularities, a skilled specialist will suggest the right treatment procedures that can provide more obvious results.

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