Ecologic Earth Offers Earth-Friendly Products to Compliment Your House, Home, School and Office

More and more people are making a choice to go green in an effort to reduce the damage done to the environment. There’s a variety of actions that can be taken to help stop the destruction of our planet and Ecologic Earth can help.
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Aug. 9, 2010 - PRLog -- Ecologic Earth, LLC was founded on the need for eco-friendly products. The company examines thousands of products to find the best ecologically friendly products for home and business use. The company’s core belief is that we don’t have to harm the earth through daily living.

“It only takes a few products, a few daily practices changed in order to not harm our environment,” said Roy Kellner, CEO of Ecologic Earth, LLC. “Though it may take some research and poking around to do, it can be done. But you don’t have to worry about the research and poking around. We’ve done it for you, and keep doing it every day, always looking for better alternatives and the best products, those most benign to the earth.”

Ecologic Earth provides a variety of earth-friendly products, from outdoor decorations to hand soap. Their products are truly biodegradable and can be composted. Recyclable products can be disposed of through any recycling program. The reusable products are durable and long lasting. They’re also non-toxic.

Of special interest are the biodegradable palm leaf bowls. Made of 100 percent all natural palm leaves, the bowls feature no wax, artificial colors or pesticides. They’re handmade and no trees were destroyed in their production. Also available is a large selection of disposable cutlery and cups that are especially suited for school and office use. They can easily be integrated into school recycling programs.

Ecologic Earth also carries a collection of organic napkins, runners and tablecloths produced from 100 percent organic cotton, bamboo and hemp. They’re available in a variety of colors.

Personal care products don’t have to be detrimental to the environment. Their liquid hand soap is never tested on animals. It contains no SLS, a harsh chemical found in most commercial shampoos, soaps and toothpaste. It’s a perfect solution for schools, where frequent hand washing is routinely practiced.

Ecologic Earth also carries a selection of environmentally friendly outdoor lighting solutions to decorate your home and garden. They’re practical and use no electricity or wiring. The lights add beauty to your environment and they’re solar powered so they don’t increase your carbon footprint.

Reusable bags are a great way to show customers that you care about the environment and Ecologic Earth has what you need. The bags are made of 100 percent cotton, jute, bamboo or hemp. All recyclable bags are washable and constructed of recycled products. You can also have your company’s logo imprinted on the bags, identifying your business as one that is eco-friendly. They also offer biodegradable trash bags in three different sizes.

The site contains a wealth of valuable information about eco-friendly products and practices, in addition to tips on how individuals can contribute to the growing green movement. You can also sign up for their newsletter when you visit the site.

In nature, everything is used and reused in an endlessly replenishing cycle. Society’s modern way of life is unsustainable. It depletes resources without returning anything. Ecologic Earth is doing its part to change that, with reusable, recyclable and energy-efficient products. Their products perform the same as what you’re used to, allowing you to put environmental practices into practical use.

Ecologic Earth takes its mission to live an earth-friendly life seriously. Their website is hosted at an eco-friendly server, powered by solar energy. The company also utilizes energy-efficient lighting and water savers whenever possible, in addition to the use of biodegradable and recyclable products.

An old Kenyan proverb says, “Treat the Earth well. It was not given to you by your parents. It was loaned to you by your children.” It’s a philosophy with which Ecologic Earth agrees and is doing its best to live each day.

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