Trash Talk - Lupus Patient Causes Hospital Mayhem

When lupus patient Johnny Trash returned to hospital this month, the staff were on-edge and the fruit got nervous.
Aug. 7, 2010 - PRLog -- In the August edition of The Lupus Magazine, writer Johnny Trash tells of her recent hospital stay and the pain and suffering she (and the other patients) had to endure.

"Well, I was admitted to the Regional Rheumatology unit on Ward Two and promised myself I would behave! Unfortunately I decided to, ahem; corrupt the other two girls on the ward.

It all started when I spoke to Vanessa in the bed next to me. There was a woman in the bed at the end of the ward who’d been giving them a hard time and they were all quite upset and f*cked-off about it."

“Never fear,” I said.

“Johnny Trash and my big mouth is here!”

Ms. Trash suffers from lupus and tries to look on the lighter side as she produces a highly entertaining monthly column titled, "Trash Talk"

Though sometimes shocked at Ms. Trash's articles, The Lupus Magazine's Editor, Geoff Thomas, agrees that the girl's voice must be heard.

"Johnny is an important member of our writing group.  For a start, she's our only contributor from the UK.  And secondly, she doesn't give a f_ _ _ , which is so refreshing considering all the sanitised stuff we have to read these days.  Our writers are a diverse and lovely group.  If I told them all what to write, The Lupus Magazine would be pretty boring.  There's so much doom and gloom out there about lupus - it's about time we lightened up a little."

The Lupus Magazine was established primarily to raise awareness and to allow aspiring writers with lupus the opportunity to become published writers and pursue a career.

To meet Johnny, or indeed join our writers, visit The Lupus Magazine:

See Johnny singing for lupus on our news channel, read her articles and visit her facebook fan page - all via The Lupus Magazine

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Published monthly, The Lupus Magazine has been established as we search worldwide for a cure for lupus. It's a place where you can enjoy the latest lupus news and articles from around the world.

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