“No Human Connection = No Prospect” - Recorded Webinar by Mike Bosworth

Learn how to “Connect, Inspire and Influence Buyers – On Purpose”. After 30 years of training sales people Mike Bosworth, best selling business author and trainer discusses, “we now know that developing connections is actually teachable”.
Aug. 12, 2010 - PRLog -- When I first started training salespeople in 1976 for Xerox, I was told "you can't teach rapport." I founded Solution Selling® in 1983 and co-founded CustomerCentric Selling® in 2001. Both methodologies were designed to help salespeople sell complex systems to the enterprise over long sales cycles, as explained by Mike Bosworth.


Because I presumed there was no way to teach 'the human connection,' I focused all my efforts on helping sellers get down to business and develop solutions. My biggest disappointment was not changing my client's 80/20 rule. Their best got even better; by 2008 it was 87/13.

2008 was a turning point in the evolution of sales enablement for me.

I came to the conclusion that emotional connection is a prerequisite for buying. I learned that developing connections is actually teachable and have created a framework that enables sellers to connect, inspire and influence, “on purpose”.

New ideas covered in the recorded webinar:

•How to connect with potential buyer's quickly
•Why buyers don't like answering questions  
•Why "left brain" thinking can derail buyers
•Why "whole brain" thinking 'Connects, Inspires & Influences Buyers'
•3 stories every salesperson should have ready to go

Recorded webinar by Mike Bosworth.


Presentation is ~30 minutes with a Q & A session following

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About Vision Group: We are proud to announce our continued association with Mike Bosworth in a new offering designed to help sales, managers, and other customer facing personnel improve their prospecting productivity.


Customers tell us we help train and educate their personnel on what their best do naturally. Telling stories woven with how their products/services are used by their customers to help satisfy their needs, while using empathetic listening skills during needs discovery to connect with prospects/customers.

They go on to tell us the power of story is allowing their personnel to connect, inspire and influence, leading to more effective prospecting and faster decision making.

The end result is our customers are using a consultative sales methodology “combined with” the ability to develop a human connection via the “power of story”, which leads to the best buying experience for their new and existing prospects/customers.

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