Door 2 Door Moving and Storage Company San Jose SCAM

Door 2 Door Moving and Storage Scam – READ ALL OF THIS In the United States the moving industry is a big industry; 43 Million+ Americans move each and every year. What that means to you – THIS IS A BIG INDUSTRY and that means a lot of fraud
Aug. 1, 2010 - PRLog -- When you hire a moving company you are usually entrusting someone with most or all of your personal belongings, memories and heirlooms; from experience I can promise that you never want to experience that sinking feeling of the possibility that you will never see your “stuff” (as they call it) again. When you’re moving company pulls out of your driveway you had better be able to say “wow that was not so bad” instead of what many of us have done which is “oh my god, will I ever see my stuff again”?

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Moving Companies that offer Door 2 Door Moving and Storage in San Jose, LA, Sacramento and thousands of other cities in the United States are preying upon the emotional instability of their clients that are about to embark upon the awful task of moving; moving is considered to be on of the top 3 worst experiences or events of your life. Now tell me something, when you are already about to have one of the 3 worst life events next to a close relative dying – do you really need the added stress o wondering if and when you will ever see your household “stuff” again and if you do will it be in one piece and without damage?

When Door 2 Door moving companies or brokers get your information from a moving quote service you signed up for online, or you happen to find their company online or in the phone book, they will make you feel like this is going to be a breeze, you are just going to need to kick back while they handle everything and wow is it cheap. You will almost feel bad for taking advantage of this company because of the amazing deal you are getting; just know this – the only person getting taken advantage of is YOU!!

They will tell you that they will even bring the boxes and pack you up, all you need to do is cover the cost of the boxes (which even at a high price can’t be too expensive right…..yeah right, think again). They will give you all the highlights of their outstanding, low cost, and reliable service, BUT just remember that what you don’t know to ask (while you are mentally trying to figure out how they can do this so cheap) will actually cost you approximately 50-75% more than the Non Binding Estimate they give you. Just remember what your parents or someone in life surely told you “if it’s too good to be true it usually is”.

TIP #1 – Never accept and sign a Non Binding Estimate from someone who has not walked through your house. Once they do walk through your house NEVER for any reason sign anything that is more then you were expecting or agreed to pay. This is explained later

We cannot stress enough that many moving companies entire business is to prey upon and take advantage of good people like you in a stressed out or pre-stressed out state about their upcoming moving experience. DO NOT think for a second that they have your best interest at heart and really want to make this a comfortable process for you!! ALL moving companies are NOT BAD – there are some great moving companies that have impeccable reputations and outstanding testimonials; what they charge may or may not fit into your budget but you can find a reasonable moving and storage company that will treat you with respect, but you will want to do your research and know what it is you are looking for before you sign. Sample irate customer experience of a person that used a local moving company

UNDERSTAND COMPLETELY once you sign their contract and they leave your house, you are their hostage until you meet all of their demands, you will never know that this is coming unless you were warned. UNDERSTAND COMPLETELY that their contracts are ONLY to protect them and you will be provided no rights or privileges in the paperwork they give you to sign. All they want you to do is sign that document and then it’s all downhill from there……Learn more at:

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