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Looking to find lost friends and family? Come on in and enjoy as many free people searches as you can handle.
July 29, 2010 - PRLog -- Please read this whole article before going to

I am being up front, nothing can make someone angry like being fed some bull mess.
So here it is.. This free people search engine is legitimate.. You will not have to pay one penny to it.

HOWEVER you will have to lose five minutes of your time completing one survey. This is really an amazing value.. Most places are charging $1.50 for single results.. You are allowed access to 24hrs of free results!! If you just search 2 people alone in that 24hr period you will have gotten twice the value as our competition.

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There is no guarantee how much you can make.. some people are making $3500 a month.. then some others are making $1.40 a month.. it is all dependent on how hard you want to make money.

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