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The Southampton Wizard defines Dryer Lint Build-up as The Stuff of Nightmares – fire hazards, carbon monoxide, poor air quality, mold and mildew damage, increased energy bills…
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July 29, 2010 - PRLog -- Southampton NY – Dryer vent cleaning eliminates a fire hazard that few people are even aware of.  Failure to clean dryer vents leads to is the leading cause of most dryer related fires. As dryer lint builds up in the dryer vent system, each load of laundry increases the risk of a fire.  In addition, gas dryers can also pose a carbon monoxide threat.  Mold and mildew are also a problem as the dryer vent system is designed to remove heat and moisture as laundry dries.

"It's hard for people to think of their clothes dryer as a fire hazard," said John Ryley, owner of the Dryer Vent Wizard, a company that specializes in maintaining, cleaning, repairing, replacing and altering dryer vents for residential and commercial consumers.

Clothes dryer fires account for over 15,000 structure fires, resulting in deaths, injuries and millions in property damage, according to the National Fire Data Center. Failure to clean lint out of the dryer vent is the leading cause.

“New York State Building Codes changed in 1999, over 10 years ago; yet, many people have not converted to solid metal dryer ducts, said Ryley.  “Today, dryer manufacturers recommend installing dryer vent systems of rigid metal piping.  Many are also reminding consumers to have professional dryer vent cleaning done at least once a year to eliminate a fire hazard.”

John Ryley serves the Long Island area where he sees these fire hazards on a daily basis.  Many of dryer vent systems he replaces are made up of white vinyl flexible hoses or silver flexible foil, flexible hoses that do not meet today’s safety standards.
The lack of awareness concerning this issue is due to dryer vent systems being out of sight and out of mind.  "New homes are being built with the laundry area upstairs, in the center of the home, near bedrooms and bathrooms, rather than on the first floor near an outside wall" Ryley said. "While providing a great convenience to the homeowner, the reality is that longer venting causes the dryer to work harder, take longer to dry clothes, use more energy, and create a fire hazard."

According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), any vent over 25 feet is considered a fire hazard and installation of a booster fan is recommended. This helps dryers function safely and more efficiently and is one of the services Dryer Vent Wizard provides.

John Ryley is on a mission to make his community safer, one dryer vent at a time.  “Consumer education is a large part of our service,” said Ryley. “My job is not complete until my customer understands the necessity of the dryer vent upgrades I recommend.  I make sure they understand that I’m not trying to sell them something that is unnecessary.  The cost associated with my services quickly pays for itself in energy savings, prolonged appliance life and fire prevention.”

Enjoy peace of mind, knowing your dryer vent system is fire-safe and energy-efficient.  Contact the Wizard for a complete dryer vent inspection.  Visit to learn more.


John Ryley
Dryer Vent Wizard of Suffolk County
PO Box 1591
Miller Place, NY  11719

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