Record Mobile Phone Calls, Meetings to Server Cloud, Track them in Real-time Using PVRtracks LivePVR

Softtrends Announced PVRtracks LivePVR Service that allows users to record Phone Calls, Meetings, Other Mobile Content with their context to Server Cloud, automatically archive, classify them, and allow them to track users and content in Real-time
By: Softtrends LLC
July 20, 2010 - PRLog -- Softtrends, a leading provider of innovative mobile software products that mobilize business and lifestyle of customers, today announced immediate availability of PVRtracks LivePVR OnDemand and OnPremise service that makes it possible for individuals and organizations to record mobile phone calls, meeting audio notes, voice notes, on device voice mail messages, SMS messages, GPS locations, and automatically backup the content with their context to a server running PVRtracks Cloud Services, which, based on user option, archives, classifies, shares, and forwards the recorded files to other users, enterprise servers and email servers.

LivePVR, popular among thousands of individual and enterprise users worldwide is a mobile call recording, and content recording application for recording Phone calls and meetings for reference, or as part of corporate compliance for record keeping. Voice DVR technology in LivePVR even allows users to record what has already been said during a meeting. Configuration options such as automatic uploading to a server account, encrypting files on the mobile device before they are uploaded to server, automatically starting the program when device is switched on, password protecting uninstallation, hiding application UI, forcing user to enter a text note for a recorded call are some of the more than 100 different configuration parameters that are built into the application to set the behavior of LivePVR for a particular use case. PVRtracks LivePVR will now allow organizations configure the behavior of LivePVR for each individual user centrally, through the PVRtracks LivePVR console.

The files uploaded to PVRtracks service by LivePVR are permanently tagged with the context information such as the contact, location, situation at the time of mobile phone call, meeting, and audio recording. PVRtracks Cloud Services uses these information to automatically classify the content and link it to the appropriate contact or location record on server side. PVRtracks LivePVR web user interface allows users to browse, review, download, forward, track and otherwise manage their uploaded content.

"The onpremise PVRtrack LivePVR service gives enterprises the opportunity to integrate a powerful but inexpensive mobile call recording and audio recording solution to their existing fixed line call logging and call recording Voice servers", said D.P.Samantarai, CTO, Softtrends. "The ondemand service will allow Micro, Small and medium businesses use the popular LivePVR application on their mobile phones to enhance efficiency of service delivery, record proof of presence, meet regulatory compliance requirements and voice enable many other business processes without having to install and maintain their own server cloud", he added.

PVRtracks LivePVR is available in OnPremise, Hosted and OnDemand versions. The OnPremise version can be used by small and large enterprises to have their own mobile call and content recording solution and integrate it with other enterprise content management and customer relationship management servers they might have. The Hosted version is for hosting service providers to extend mobile call recording feature to their customers. OnDemand solution is directly available from Softtrends to individual users and enterprise customers who do not want to host their own server.

PVRtracks LivePVR OnDemand version is hosted at Individuals, Micro, Small, Medium and Large Enterprise users can create free trial accounts on the server, download device application, and use it for evaluation purposes. Organizations interested to evaluate the OnPremise version need to contact Softtrends for an evaluation copy of the service.

About Softtrends
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