How to make your lips look MARVELOUS DARLING

How to use lip color,lip gloss, and lip liner for sensational looking
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July 16, 2010 - PRLog -- Step 1
When you think about lips, what is the first image that comes to your mind?

I have two, lucille ball and mick jagger.

Lucy could make so many facial expressions involving her lips and mick jagger is known for his lips because of his facial expressions.
There are many cosmetic tricks that can make you lips famous too.

Step 2
I think a little background on lipstick and lip color will amaze you in how far technology has brought us.

Women have been wearing lip color for over 5000 years. One way they colored their lips was to crush semi-precious jewels and put them on their lips.

Cleopatra had her lip color made from crushed carmine beetles which gave a deep red pigment. Lipsticks with shimmering effects were made with a substance found in fish scales called pearlescence.

Step 3
In the 16th century during the reign of queen elizabeth 1 lip color became popular. She made piercing black lips and yellow faces a fashion statement.
During wwii women began to "put their faces on" lip color grew even more popular due to the movie industry.

Step 4
Now that you have a little history on lip color, let me bring you back to the now. There are many forms of lip colors on the market today. There is even permanent lip color by tattoo. For some that might be an extreme measure but for others not. For me i couldn't imagine not being able to change the color of my lips when i wanted to, so tattooing is not an option for me.

What types of lip color is available for us today?
Lipstick, lip gloss, lip liner.

Lipstick-a cosmetic product containing pigment,oils,waxes and emollients that applies color and texture to lips.

Lip liner- a cosmetic product intended to fill uneven areas on the outer edges before or after applying lipstick. Lip liners are usually in pencil form.

Lip gloss- a cosmetic product used primarily to give lips a shiny touch and sometimes subtle color. It is usually in a liquid form or a soft solid but do not confuse it with lip balm. Lip gloss can be clear, translucent, and come in a variety of shades including frosted, glitter or metallic.

Step 5
There are so many choices of lipsticks with many different purposes.

Matte lipstick- also known as long-wearing. These lip colors have an ingredient in them called kaolin which is a derived from kaolinite. Kaolinite is a mineral with a chemical composition. Using kaolin in lip colors cause the staying power of the color. This mineral tends to be drying to the lips.

Sheer lipsticks- these lip colors tend to have a low pigment concentration and are transparent. They are more moisturizing but wear off fairly fast.

Cream or moisturizing lipsticks- these lip colors contain conditioning agents such as shea butter. Shea nut butter is a slightly yellowish or ivory-colored natural fat extracted from fruit of the shea tree by crushing and boiling it. Shea butter is widely used in cosmetics as an emollient or mositurizer. It is also a anti-inflammatory agent.
Because of the moisturizers in these lip colors, they wear off easily, but are great if you have dry lips.

Staining lip colors- lip stains have a high staying power, depending on the amount of stain in them. Using staining lip colors on dry or peeling lips will give an uneven lip color. Use a lip gloss over the stain to give the lips a moisturizing look.

Gloss and high gloss- these gloss reflect a lot of light which in turn will give your lips a fuller look. They can be worn alone or over a lip color.

Step 6
Apply a small amount of foundation to your lips this will soften and smooth them. The foundation will also fill in any lines and allow the lip color to stay on longer

Step 7
Select a lip liner that is either neutral or in the same color family as you choice of lip color. Lip liner is applied usually before the lip color. A lip liner is used to define your natural lip line. A darker shade of liner is really not recommended for the fact that if your lip color does fade, all you will see is your lip liner color that outlines your lips.

Step 8
3. Always make sure that your lip pencil is nicely sharpened. A dull pencil will not perform very well and you will not be able to successufly line the natural lip line. After you sharpen the pencil you

Step 9
4. You are going to stretch the lips with you index finger and your middle finger. By doing this it helps to smooth the lip tissue and allows for you to see the natural line of your lips. Starting at the center of the upper lip,you will begin to gently slide the pecil on the outline at the middle and move to the outer corner. It helps if you move is open a little while working on the upper lip.

Step 10
5. Repeat other side of upper lip.starting at the center of the upper lip,you will begin to gently slide the pecil on the outline at the middle and move to the outer corner.

Step 11
6. Bottom lip liner is applied from one corner to other. Leaving just a little area away from inside corner.

Step 12
7. The top and bottom lines of the lips should not meet.
If you have lined the lips and the line itself is to thick or two wide you can blend it with a lip brush to make corrections.
You may also blot with a tissue.

Step 13
8. Applying the lip color.
Most lipsticks or lip color comes in the tube form. Instead of directly applying the lip color from the tube, i recommend that you use a lip brush. Using the lip brush will avoid you smearing the lip liner. Take your lip brush and fill it with your lip color by running it over the lip color.

Step 14
9. Starting at the center of the top lip, gently glide the lip brush to the corner of the upper lip working the lip color ont0 the lip.
Repeat to the other side.
For more intense or heavier application of lip color you can apply more lip color in the same manner as before.

Step 15
10. Using the same method as for the top lip, fill the lip brush with your lip color and starting at middle of lower lip begin to fill in the lip with the lip color. Moving from middle to one corner and than to the other side.
For more intense or heavier application of lip color you can apply more lip color in the same manner as before.

Step 16
11. To blend lip color together, gently roll your lips.
If you think you have to much lip color on than you can blot the excess of with a tissue.

Step 17
12. Last thing you need to do, but very important. You want to set the lip liner and lip color.
Using a blush brush and pressed powder will help you do this.
Taking you blush brush you want to fill just the tips of it with your pressed face powder.
Gently place a tissue over your lips, take your blush brush and gently dab your lips with the end of the brush. The powder will go through the tissue but it will not dry out your lip color.

Step 18
13. Applying a lip gloss.
Your selection of lip gloss with be decided by what affect you want to achieve. Frosted,metallic or just a plain shine.
What ever type you choose, applying it must be with a gentle swipe so not to move lip color off lip or to blend lip liner and lip color together.

Now your lips look marvelous darling!!!!

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