Shoulder Pain Relief Exercises by San Diego Anat Baniel Practitioner Blazing Trail with Fast Results

San Diego has a new pioneer in town. Her name is Margie Murnan and she’s the areas first Anat Baniel Method Practitioner to blaze the trail of health and wellness through a revolutionary approach to pain free movement.
Movement lesson 1
Movement lesson 1
July 15, 2010 - PRLog -- Murnan is San Diego’s first certified Anat Baniel Method Practitioner. Not only does she teach personal and group movement lessons that bring immediate relief to her students (without drugs) – but she herself is a living testimony to the power of the work she does.

A long time researcher working in labs, Murnan sustained an injury from repetitive movement and high amounts of time behind the computer. This injury caused her to lose the use of both of her arms, and she was unable to move her head in any direction.
Being in constant pain, she sought out relief for her shoulder and neck pain. She tried all that modern medicine had to offer other than surgery. She was even told that removing a few ribs and cutting some muscles were her only remaining options.  Her diagnosis was that she would be permanently disabled due to having Thoracic Outlet Syndrome.

Although she continued to become more disabled over a period of twelve months, Margie sought out other solutions for her injury, neck and shoulder pain.   Through much searching, she was introduced to the concept of movement lessons.  After her first private session she was able to turn her head to the left and right without pain.  

After only two months of doing the movement lessons, her life was so transformed that she decided to become a movement practitioner. The gift of pain free movement without drugs was something so rewarding to her that she was compelled to leave the research field to become an Anat Baniel Method Practitioner.

The Anat Baniel Methodsm is based on cutting-edge scientific theory and on the understanding of how our brain learns and transforms our body, our mind, and our spirit. The groundbreaking method of teaching pain free movement was inspired by the movement work developed by Dr. Feldenkrais.

Murnan is helping San Diego shoulder and neck pain sufferers achieve relief through teaching group movement classes and in private, individual sessions.

Murnan explains: “Movement habits are learned in so many ways.  The list of habit-causing behaviors is long and everyone develops habitual movement patterns. Some of these habits are useful and make it easy for us to move.  Other habits develop without our awareness. The way we move (or do not move) can actually be a cause of pain we feel."

"Have you ever been told to sit up straight or to hold your shoulders back?  Many people work jobs that require repetitive actions or sitting in front of the computer for extended periods of time.   The proper ‘sitting up straight and holding shoulders back’ over a long period of time can actually be counter productive to our wellbeing."  

"For many people who sit behind computers for endless hours a day with little movement, sitting up straight often is not the culprit of their shoulder and neck pain. Lack of movement and poor posture is."

"If the way that you hold yourself is habitual, then the muscles that do the holding become chronically contracted.  If a muscle is chronically contracted it is not available for anything else.  That means other muscles have to do more of the work, and they become fatigued more quickly, and may become painful."

“What I do is go into companies and work in conjunction with their corporate wellness team to teach employees easy, safe and pain relieving movements that can be done at the desk.  I also teach groups of people at classes around town who wish to integrate functional movement in areas other than just their shoulders or neck.”

She continues “Some of my most rewarding work is in the private movement sessions.  I recall a lady coming to me who had a stroke. She had not moved her right arm since that happened.  We worked together consistently in private sessions and after a few weeks of lessons, she spontaneously reached out one day and used her arm!  It was a very emotional moment for both of us. To give the gift of movement again through teaching people the functional way to use the body is the best thing I can do to serve my community.”

Murnan truly is a trailblazer in our San Diego County area. As the Anat Baniel Method approach to learning structural movement is becoming nationally known, Murnan is the first practitioner here in the area.  

She is achieving such great results with her students, that word is getting out. People are driving in from Corona, down from L.A. and even has out of town clients that plan extended stays so they can receive movement lessons in succession from her.  They take this knowledge back to their home, practice it daily and are able to see accumulative relief from their pain.

For more information on the Anat Baniel Method Movement lessons from Margie Murnan, visit:

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