No Human Connection = No Prospect – Effective Prospecting Sales Workshop

After 30 years of training sales people, we now know that developing connections is actually teachable, explains Mike Bosworth, author of the books, Solution Selling & CustomerCentric Selling. No longer is effective prospecting just a numbers game.
Aug. 25, 2010 - PRLog -- Discover how to form a "human" connection, inspire and influence the people you wish to do business with through our StoryLeaders™ sales workshop.  

StoryLeaders™ is a research‐based framework designed to enable sales people to sell with greater confidence, effectiveness and purpose, by breaking down the human barriers that buyers instinctually raise. The framework harnesses the power of two of the most intrinsic, yet underdeveloped communication forms: storytelling and active listening, explains Mike Bosworth.

Facilitated by certified StoryLeaders™ Instructors, effective prospecting sales workshops are interactive, practical, experiential, and feedback‐oriented. The workshop is broken into lecture, practice, coaching, and real life case study exercises. At the end of an effective prospecting workshop, attendees will understand:

• The Barriers buyers put up, and why.
• The pathway around those Barriers.
• The psychology of how buyers make decisions over time.
• How to consciously activate the part of the buyer’s mind where hope, trust, imagination and new ideas are formed, while relaxing the skeptical side of the mind.
• How to share information through four basic types of stories: Who I Am, Who I Represent, Who I Have Helped, and My Buyer’s Story.
• How, through practice, gain the skills necessary to share stories authentically, passionately, and form human connections.
• How to encourage a buyer to share their story and be open to new ideas using an Active Listening formula.
• How to create interest and curiosity with new sales opportunities during effective prospecting.

After becoming StoryLeaders, attendees will continue to refine their story telling skills through ongoing application and sharing of successes, and lessons learned.

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About Vision Group: With our continued association with Mike Bosworth we are offering a new training program designed to help sales and marketing personnel improve their effective prospecting.

Our customers are using consultative sales methodology combined with the ability to develop a human connection via the power of story, which leads to the best buying experience for their new and existing prospects/customers.

Customers tell us we help train and educate their personnel on what their best do naturally. Telling stories woven with how their products/services are used by their customers to help satisfy their needs, while using empathetic listening skills during needs discovery to connect with prospects/customers.

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