Getting Back to Handmade Sterling Silver Jewelry

There are real people still making arts, crafts and jewelry, so take a look at what one artisan is doing in the way of handcrafted sterling silver cuff bracelets which are done still just one at a time.
July 14, 2010 - PRLog -- Throughout history sterling silver has been used not only as a means for function but also for adornment.   Handmade sterling silver jewelry was fashionable for women and also for men.  As techniques were adopted using machinery to craft metal as a means for mass production, the art of handcrafting metals, including sterling silver, remained present.  

There are different methods for crafting handmade sterling silver jewelry.  There is casting, which duplicate pieces of jewelry are made from an original model, and the silver is heated and formed in the cast.  There is also a method called stamping which the metal is pressed between two steel surfaces called dies.   Silver is a metal that can easily be crafted into a beautiful piece of jewelry, which is some of the reason for its popularity.

Sterling silver itself is beautiful on its own merit; however, gemstones, pearls, fossils among other things are often incorporated into the jewelry which increases the value.  Sterling silver jewelry has become increasingly popular, especially when it is handcrafted by a real artisan. Visit my shop at and you will probably find something you like or possibly get an idea for a handcrafted piece you would like me to make just for you.

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Unique southwestern handcrafted sterling silver jewelry designs such as silver cuff bracelets, rings, necklaces, earrings and handmade turquoise jewelry creations.

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