Prison Coach discusses the prison journey of Muslim Extremist Faiscal Shahzad

The likely form of justice will be his sentence through the U.S. District Court in New York City. Shahzad should be preparing to never feel the soft touch of his wife and children. That is the acceptance phase of anyone going to prison.
By: John Fuller
July 1, 2010 - PRLog -- Faiscal Shahzad will be designated to a 23 hour per day lock down which will guarantee him a long miserable life. Chances are he will end up in Florence High or Florence ADX. Within one year or two, he will attempt to commit suicide but will fail. They will force feed him if necessary then prescribe some medication to cope with the reality of his new home titled "The Alcatraz of the Rockies." This you can believe. I've been in high, medium and low institutions throughout the country and know his type.

Likely he will wonder how his new friends Robert Hanssen, Jose Padilla, Luis Felipe, H Rap Brown, Terry Nichols, Howard ‘Pappy’ Mason, Kenneth ‘Supreme”McGriff, Theodore Kaczynski, Anthony Casso and others have managed to keep hanging on all these years.
Faiscal Shahaz doesn't realize that his fellow comrades can not wait to get their hands on him. Nor will he understand why 95% of his fellow inmates do not support his extremist views. The reasons for Shahzad's unlikely form of justice if placed in general population with fellow inmates will not be based on being a muslim. It will rest on the fact that the senselessness of his failed attempt may very well have succeeded by killing one of their very own. Trust me.

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