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Why do many tourists come to Vietnam? And What makes them book Vietnam vacations? There are many reasons. One of these reasons is the unique Vietnamese culture. So, What is Vietnamese culture?
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June 30, 2010 - PRLog -- How  does water affect Vietnamese culture?

Why do many tourists come to Vietnam? And What makes them
 book Vietnam vacations? There are many reasons. One of these reasons is the unique Vietnamese culture. So, What is Vietnamese culture?

This is a very large realm and nobody could say in one article. However, today I  talk about the “ Water” function in  Vietnamese culture. You may be surprised at my article. Now, we should see Vietnamese culture since the beginning. It dated back to over 3000 years ago when Vietnamese ancestors lived inside many limestone caves in the Northeast and Northwest of Vietnam. These areas are their first home. Time by time, their groups became so big and there were not enough space and food for them. This made them find new areas for living. In the end, they decided to move down the mountains to a delta. This place is the Red River delta at the moment. Here, they had better conditions for their life. There are many rivers, lakes, ponds( at the moment, on a research, one square kilometer of land there is about 1.7 to 2 kilometer of river). Therefore, they could find a lot of fish for food. This is also their first job – fishing. Besides, this area is very flat with full of water. It is good for planning different crops. Then, the second job began. That is wet rice cultivation. It was also the time Vietnamese culture being formed and it is being added upto now through about 5 typhoons per year. They have to get used to living with water. During this time, we call the Red River civilization or wet rice civilization.

Since then, Vietnamese people have learnt to live with water and succeeded in conquering it, using it and taking full advantages of it for their life. Water affects their daily life activities from traffic to making a living like moving by small boats in Mekong river or many floating villages from north to south and fishing with 3265km of coastline. Whatever is made by them, water is first thought.  However, the most famous to the world is that Vietnamese people took the advantage of water to defend their country. Any big fighting between the Vietnamese and invaders happened in water. For example, the Vietnamese managed their fighting with Nam Han(Chinese) in Bach Dang river in 938 and they won their independence and freedom after 1000 year domination, the 2nd one is their fighting with Tong(Chinese) also in Bach Dang river and the most famous fighting was in 1288 between the Vietnamese and Mongolian army(under the king Kublai Khan) in Bach Dang river.

Now, joining Vietnam vacations, you have chance to experience our culture through many activities like Halong bay and see floating life in many floating villages, Water puppet show. You  will be     surprised. The puppets dance on the surface of water telling you the Vietnamese daily activities from raising ducks, fish, planning rice in water or plowing rice fields in water as well…… Those things happen  in the countryside and you could see during your Vietnam vacations. In the city, you can visit beautiful forbidden palace, pagodas, temples. All of them are surrounded by water in peaceful and beautiful lakes, ponds, rivers… The reason is that we have hot and rainy reasons, so lakes, ponds, rivers are used to keep water in rainy season but served like  natural air-conditioning machine in summer. More is waiting you to discover during your Vietnam vacations.


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