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Homemade wind turbine generator can produce high voltages – sometimes more than 200 volts. Ideal for diy battery charging but can cause serious injury. Available manuals explain how to build a wind turbine generator at home.
By: Bret Parker
wind turbine generator battery charging home energy
wind turbine generator battery charging home energy
June 30, 2010 - PRLog -- Caution Required

1 Do not approach the machine while the blades are spinning they can cause serious injury!

2 No wires or electrical connections should be touched or handled without ensuring that the wind turbine generator has come to a complete stop and brake applied if fitted.

3 Battery storage bank disconnected.

Environmental Benefits

Wind is an economical and excellent source of electricity and is environmentally friendly.

The environmental benefits of wind power are felt locally, regionally and globally. Wind power can replace power from fossil fuel-powered plants, and thereby help to improve local air quality, reduce regional effects such as acid rain, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Here's something to keep an eye on. In a move that could have dramatic implications worldwide, the powerful United States Environmental Protection Agency is proposing to regulate the six main greenhouse gases on the basis that they are a danger to public health.

Wind generators make a perfect complement to your existing solar system supplying power to your home. Wind power is about the cheapest and cleanest form of renewable energy.

Wind can be used as backup power in the event of a power outage. Whether you want to run a couple of lights, outside security lights, workshop, pumps or your home you need to know these basic things

You need wind without it the exercise is useless. Before you consider doing a DIY homemade windmill check where you live in regards to how strong the winds are in your location.

Winds greater than 12 mph will enjoy wind energy more than those that only have winds up to 8 mph.

Therefore it’s a good practice to combine wind power and solar power and to store the energy into a battery bank.

You need a driving force to create kinetic energy and in the case of wind generators/turbines, that force is the wind. The electricity is created by magnets rotating around an electrical coil and generating electricity.

The wind force is simply used to rotate the magnetic field around the coil, causing atoms and electrons to be displaced, thus creating kinetic energy that is then translated into electricity and you need to store the power in batteries.

I use a buss bar system and this particular system is a 12 volt system using 12 volt deep cycle batteries.

Keep the cable/wire from the wind generator, solar panels and batteries as short as possible to avoid power loss in the 12 volt circuits.

You can connect the inverters, regulators and dump loads to the bus bars or circuit board for easy wiring and additional power equipment.

Use an inverter to change the power from  DC power that it is being stored in the batteries to the home supply 110volt AC power or 240volt AC [which country you live].  The inverter will come with its manufacturer instructions on how to connect.

Electronics such as computers need a pure sine wave inverter. These are more expensive than a modified sine wave inverter. Use a modified sine wave inverter for the rest of the house.

Make-a-solar-panel.com solar manuals offer some fantastic home care energy saving solutions. How to make solar panels, build solar generators, generate free solar power electricity, build wind power generators and power efficient wind mills.

This really is a comprehensive guide that makes everything so clear that anyone can start generating their own electricity.

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Bret Parker’s... Make a Solar Panel package a self contained training program, engineered to teach the skills he has mastered to everyone interested in the renewable energy as alternative power.


Comprehensive manuals and Videos on how to live Off grid Solar Electricity Home Use – Solar Power – Solar Energy and homemade wind power generator construction

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